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Robert Caswelch is a current junior at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale majoring in Industrial Design.My story began in Michigan, but quickly moved to Singapore where I lived with my two parents and sister for 5 years. My next step in life was in the Midwest, attending the International School of Indiana for 13 years. Traveling has been a huge part of my life, and I don't plan on stopping soon! In my free time, I love adventuring around the many hiking areas / scenic drives around Carbondale, Illinois, playing pretty much any sport (beach volleyball, anyone?) and playing online games. Above all, my true passion is staying up to date in the world of tech, and helping any of my friends of family with their phones or computers.

Outside of school, I have been working with a computer hardware company from China for nearly five years, starting as a product reviewer and working on youtube videos, product marketing, website editing / illustrations, and presently as the owner for the North American online shop. This has given me a broad knowledge of businesses and product launches, experience that I plan to use to continue pushing myself as a designer and leader. UIF is a program that has helped me push myself towards seeking these goals, and value the toolsets I have learned.

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