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Paige is a first-year college student pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. Whether it'd be lessening the negative stigma around women in


technology or creating devices that can save other's lives or even innovating technology that can help save our planet, she wants to use her future knowledge to do something that matters in the world, not even for her, but for everyone and everything else. Alongside her education, she is also conducting research by developing and teaching an educational program that introduces the world of coding and music to girls ages 12 through 18 by using resources like Scratch, Makey-Makey, and LittleBits. It is her hope that because of this program, these young women will get more excited about STEM and all of its limitless possibilities. Besides engineering and research, Paige is an avid fan of music and participates in choir and musical theater outside of her education.

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Paige Huschka

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