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Fall 2019: Bridging Communication with Campus Leadership

Fall 2018: Spreading Innovation Across the Disciplines

Strategy #1: Increase Innovation and Entrepreneurship Across All Disciplines

Create a design and innovation workshop for professors and faculty from all departments to teach them how to bring innovation into their classes.

  • Offer project ideas that blend professor's subjects and innovation
  • Offer Innovation and Entrepreneurship based courses in more departments

Create an online innovation module that professors can give to their students that teaches them about innovation in regards to the class they are taking.

  • Add a Canvas module that address innovation and entrepreneurship related to their class
  • Include a design project where students can gain real world innovation practice

Strategy #2: Increase Innovation in Sustainability on Campus

Host a Make-A-Thon around the Topic of Sustainability

  • Host a Make-A-Thon on campus open to all students asking them to come up with an innovative solution to a sustainability issue
  • Before the event begins, have students learn about the design thinking process
  • Offer a reward to incentivize students to participate, perhaps offer seed funding for winning idea

Integrate Design Thinking into Sustainability Courses

  • Offer a workshop to faculty about how they can integrate design thinking in regards to their sustainability courses
  • Encourage staff members to incorporate a project or competition to solve a problem in their curriculum
  • Measure effectiveness of workshop by following up with faculty

Strategy #3: Repurposing a Space on Campus to Foster Innovation

Building a space for cooperative innovation and new ideas.

  • Students would have to complete an online training module to participate in the space. 
  • Space would have resources needed for innovation and entreprenurial ideas. 
  • There would be a design team, made of students, to help create, brainstorm, and ideate innovative thoughts. 

Strategy #4: Creating a Canvas Page with all Resources Available to Students on Campus.

  • By educating all freshman and inoming students about the resources they have to voice their opinions, get academic aid, career help, and all other resources, will make the campus a better place for all.
  • The page will be added to the Freshman Year Experience class, so all freshman and incoming students will learn about their resources the University of St. Thomas provides.
  • Instead of structural change, we are improving the current resources available by educating students.

Strategy #5: Creating a Value-based connection.

  • Platform dedicated to incoming Tommies or Tommies seeking a linkedin-type experience, without the high stakes atmosphere linkedin users tend to perceive.
  • The platform would promote social connectivity through values instead of interests. Something that other socials fail to do.
  • Unbundled LinkedIn and de-fragmented UST resource page.
  • Get students to form relationships with others they wouldn’t have before and which go beyond their time at UST.

Strategy #6: UST Pop-Ups

  • “Pop Up” shops would appear on campus to engage students in a variety of ways.
  • Participating organizations would range from showcasing on-campus events (Fowler) to hosting local nonprofits.
  • Pop Ups would provide a space to incubate student discussion and connection.

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