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Our project pitch: Spreading Innovation across the disciplines:

Strategy #1: Increase Innovation and Entrepreneurship Across All Disciplines

Create a design and innovation workshop for professors and faculty from all departments to teach them how to bring innovation into their classes.

  • Offer project ideas that blend professor's subjects and innovation
  • Offer Innovation and Entrepreneurship based courses in more departments

Create an online innovation module that professors can give to their students that teaches them about innovation in regards to the class they are taking.

  • Add a Canvas module that address innovation and entrepreneurship related to their class
  • Include a design project where students can gain real world innovation practice

Strategy #2: Increase Innovation in Sustainability on Campus

Host a Make-A-Thon around the Topic of Sustainability

  • Host a Make-A-Thon on campus open to all students asking them to come up with an innovative solution to a sustainability issue
  • Before the event begins, have students learn about the design thinking process
  • Offer a reward to incentivize students to participate, perhaps offer seed funding for winning idea

Integrate Design Thinking into Sustainability Courses

  • Offer a workshop to faculty about how they can integrate design thinking in regards to their sustainability courses
  • Encourage staff members to incorporate a project or competition to solve a problem in their curriculum
  • Measure effectiveness of workshop by following up with faculty

Strategy #3: Repurposing a Space on Campus to Foster Innovation

Building a space for cooperative innovation and new ideas.

  • Students would have to complete an online training module to participate in the space. 
  • Space would have resources needed for innovation and entreprenurial ideas. 
  • There would be a design team, made of students, to help create, brainstorm, and ideate innovative thoughts. 

Strategy #4: Creating an Innovation Council to Facilitate Change on Campus

  • Students would complete a module on an online learning platform such as Canvas where students can learn about innovation or build upon what they already know about innovation.

    • Students would be interested in this, as some may not have sufficient knowledge of innovation but are willing and able to build upon what they already know. Also students may need to look at a more systematic way or initiating change, especially since they will be a part of a committee.
    • It would be less pressure to learn online at one's own pace rather than being roped into a classroom with a pass or fail requirement. Instead the information may be absorbed more passively that can help students decide if this is right for them.
    • The online platform would also allow students to refer back to ideas whereas face to face learning would be limited by memory and our note-taking abilities.
  • After completing the module, students would be given proof of participation that would allow them to be considered for the Innovation Council.

    • The idea of the innovation council is fostered around innovation on campus and to have a team of students ready who are willing able to incite change on campus through innovation.
    • The council would consist of around 30 students spread across disciplines who may or may not come from different backgrounds.The council would last for a year to allow the students to rotate bringing in new ideas of innovation on a yearly basis.
    • Applications would be on a rolling basis.
    • The projects could be on campus to make use of spaces or review ideas that need innovating. They could also span off campus or campus partnership projects that require innovation using student lens.

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