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School (Cohort)
Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Comunications and advertising


Nidia, or you can call her Nids, is 23 years old, from Lima - Peru.

She trully believes on the power of the self knowledge and mental health, she always says that when you start looking what is going on on the inside, you can make magic happen on the outside. That is how she achieved many things she really wanted in her life, of course nothing was easy, but when you have yourself by your side you become unstoppable, and that is why she get a bike tattoo, because she learned how to ride a bike at 19 years old, it was an incredible challenge for her, so it becomes like her totem

Speaking of the academic stuff, she is an UX designer, by studying something very different: communications and advertising, in the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, she knew this carreer will give her the tools to find the place where she wanted to be when finishing college.

Outside the field of studies, as she consider her mental health not negotiable, she likes to work out at very early in the morning, so yes, she is a morning person, means that probably at 10 pm you won´t find her on social media because she is getting ready to go to sleep. During the day you will find her always with a bottle of water because that is all she drinks all day, #funfact: she doesn´t like coffee or any kind of soda. But this doesn´t means she is 24/7 fit, she enjoys cakes, cookies, ice creams and all kind of sweet food.

Since april 2021 she was dabbling in theatrical improvisation, and she is going to have a show, which is going to be the unique one because after that she will keep trying all kind of activities, the next one is singing lessons, because she is tired of be ashamed when she sing at karaokes. Also in august 2021 she started a volunteering with entrepreneurs from her countrie, so she have two persons to mentor to make their business grow.


As she finds a few years ago the power of the self knowledge and mental health, she wanted to share this information to others, and why not in the field of comprehensive sex education, because is something people never learn in Peru at schools, and make them miss the chance to learn basic stuff as self love, self-esteem, limits, diversity etc. So she take part on the "28h Global 2020" from UPC of Peru, with a solution of comprehensive sex education, and she won with her team, which lead them to an international contest “DigiEduHack 2020” from Aalto University of Finland, where she also won. So this make her, and her friend Carla Rojas keep bulding this solution to make it real sometime in the near future in her countrie, Peru

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