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Natsumi Hikita
School (Cohort)
Tohoku University (2023 cohort)
Majoring in


I am a second year economics student. I have not studied economics in depth yet, but I am interested in microeconomics.

2022 Graduated from Tsuruoka Minami High School In high school, I was interested in regional development. I participated in a business plan contest for junior high and high school students in Yamagata Prefecture to solve local problems and won third place.

2022 Admission to Tohoku University

I entered Tohoku University in April and decided to continue swimming, which I had been doing since I was 5 years old. I practiced almost every day with my friends on the swimming team and was able to participate in a national competition.

2023 Learn about the UIF and apply for the in-school selection process

I had been interested in innovation since high school, so I applied to UIF in the spring. It just so happened that an assistant in a class I was taking was a senior at UIF and introduced me to the school. It was fate.

Now Find a project you want to do. Join a standing committee to do it. As I proceeded with my training, the resolution of the project I wanted to do increased. I am a club member, and I would like to use my experience to create an environment that makes it easier for international students to join club activities.


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