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Maria Fernanda Martinez Levano
School (Cohort)
Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Administracion y marketing


I am María Fernanda Martinez, and I am 21 years old, currently pursuing studies in administration and marketing. My life is defined by my creative essence and an unwavering enthusiasm for exploring uncharted territories. Since the age of 12, I discovered within painting a distinct and authentic channel for self-expression. Each brushstroke enables me to convey emotions and thoughts that find their way onto the canvas. This artistic fervor has remained a steadfast companion throughout my entire journey.

My insatiable thirst for knowledge has driven me to embrace diverse modes of learning, with one of my cherished pastimes being the consumption of documentaries. Through these informative films, I can delve into an extensive array of subjects and expand my comprehension of the world that envelops me. From my earliest years, a profound aspiration to share my understanding and provide assistance to others has dwelled within me. This inclination took form during my childhood role-playing as a teacher. Over the years, this altruistic impulse has persisted and evolved into a wellspring of contentment in my adult life. Nothing gratifies me more than imparting knowledge and extending aid, irrespective of the scale of the gesture.

Furthermore, I possess an ardent passion for sandboarding, an activity that has left a profound imprint on my personal development. This experience has instilled in me courage and an audacious spirit that emboldens me to confront novel challenges with valor and determination, regardless of their magnitude.


Youthful Entrepreneurship in the Wine Industry: An achievement that fills me with pride and has taught me a great deal is having embarked on my own venture at a young age, establishing my own brand of personalized wines specifically designed for a youthful audience. This project allowed me to merge my creativity and put to the test the knowledge I've gained in my field of study.

Overcoming Fears and Venturing Beyond Comfort Zones: Another significant milestone in my journey has been conquering personal fears and daring to explore new experiences. With unwavering determination, I've left behind my inhibitions and ventured beyond my comfort zone, embracing opportunities that have enriched me on a personal level.

Winning the University's 28-Hour Contest: This accomplishment has propelled me to take bold steps on my innovation and entrepreneurship journey. Moreover, it has ignited an immense desire within me to effect positive changes for my community.

Balancing Studies and Work: I have recently achieved the feat of successfully managing the balance between my studies and the coordination of three simultaneous jobs. This challenge has taught me how to efficiently organize myself, optimize my time, and showcase my multitasking abilities.

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