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Marella  Yasaswini is pursuing III btech as ComputerScience student from VVIT.Right from childhood she is an active person participating in every event.She is an 

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orator.She bagged prizes in sports,debates.essaywritings.She is an active participant in National Social Service(NSS) centre and also one of the member of Student Activity member(SAC) ,which organises every event  by students in her college.She is a wikipedia editer and used to write articles.As an UIFellow she had hands on experience on Design Thinking,BrainStorming,Porotyping.She trained more than 150 students in college about design thinking course.

Her project is how might we change higher education to make it innovative and live.

She loves coding and had a background knowledge in C,Java,HTML,SQL,Android.She also developed small Android apps.She hosted  for HappySunday event recently.She love cooking and used to cook when she is free.To describe her in a single word,she is  a workaholic,if she starts  any work  she make sure that it ends in that due time

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