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Mani Chandana Menikonda is pursuing her Masters in Management from Queen Mary University of London. in the field of computer science&Engineering at QIS college of Engineering &Technology. Being a  a rare type of student who combines  exceptional nature with a willingness and eagerness to learn. She always used to explore and learn  new things and is open to interact with people. In a sense to understand peers and assist  accordingly. Her strengths are her debating skills and positive attitude. She is undoubtedly  aware of her ability in the area of helping people and sharing her experience, creating lasting relations. She is passionate about leadership &communication. She strives to merge  these passion with her interest  in the  natural environment to better educate  people. Being an innovative thinker and a nature lover, she combined her talents and gave a new output in the form of URBAN FARMING. she is also on the  executive board of Urban Farming. she could find  time for other activities. she is a classical  dancer.


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Gmail - Chandanamadhavarao@gmail.com

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