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Coming from a family of educators and hospitable personalities, Mae White is a University Innovation Fellow

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currently pursuing a Bachelors in Design at IE University located in Madrid, Spain. Being Singaporean American while growing up in Doha, Qatar for the majority of her life, she has experienced the benefits (and downsides) of what it means to be a 3rd culture kid and has brought this adaptability and cultural acceptance to every aspect of her work, relationships, and personality.

Being blessed with instances where teachers believed in her has helped her develop skills she never thought she'd achieve; a feeling she wants sow within every child. With a relentless need to solve problems, Mae seeks to extend her design capabilities and love for education to far reaching corners of the Earth where people, arguably, need it most. Understanding the importance and potential of education fuels her passion to use design as a tool to fix the educational system and expand it across nations with the help of technology and careful strategy so every child can participate in the development of their country.

One of Mae's proudest accomplishments include her humanitarian and lifestyle magazine, 48 Degrees, whose profits were donated to the Canadian branch of the UNHCR in hopes of aiding the integration of Syrian refugee families to a safer life in Canada. Apart from humanitarian and charity efforts that she engages in, Mae can be found experimenting with different cuisines in the kitchen, drawing, sweating at the gym, or connecting with friends and family; activities she holds very close to her heart.

 In the future, Mae hopes to further her knowledge in education and technology to become more capable in transforming these areas with human-centered design. Working with a team of equally dedicated and motivating people can help make this vision a reality. Ultimately, she wants to teach children to keep their aspirations at the forefront of their actions, to be empathetic and considerate to fellow humans, and to always question authority and think critically about themselves and their community, no matter the obstacles!

Mae is reachable via email at mae.white3@gmail.com to share design projects or even some food recipes!

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