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Loke Wei Xiang (Lucas) is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student majoring in Finance at Lingnan University (LU), Hong Kong. Lucas was born and raised in Malaysia. After studying IGCSE A-Levels, he was offered to pursue his education in LU with full scholarships. There, he found himself interested in innovation and entrepreneurship and joined the UIF program.

As a non-local student in Hong Kong, he understands the potential international exposure that can be provided by his university. During his first summer, he participated in Disney Cultural Exchange Programme where he worked as a cast member at Walt Disney World. Last summer, he joined a summer academy initiated by the Office of Service Learning from LU where he spent two weeks training and two weeks field trip to Kazakhstan. During these weeks, his team focused on renewable energy that can potentially improve the lifestyles of rural farmers in Kazakhstan. 


He loves to explore and enjoys connecting with people around the world. He hopes he can travel more during his undergraduate and make full use of the opportunities given by LU.


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