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Lingnan University is new to the idea of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E). Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) is a platform newly established in Lingnan University which aimed to empower entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors to take action for inclusive growth. However, students and faculty members may not pay attention to this platform which may not be able to enrich the I&E ecosystem in the university. A 5-year campaign can be launched to improve the I&E ecosystem, including promotion and students activities. Promotion has to be made to raise people awareness on I&E in Lingnan University, as well as enhancing students' creativity and ideas for starting own business by organising different activities.



Canteen Promotion Cardboard

Canteen is a place where students will reach everyday, grabing lunch, having tea, finishing dinner... This is a great place for us to promote I&E on campus. By making small cardboard which can stand on table, information of upcoming I&E activities as well as contact information will be shown on the cardboard. Students walk pass will be able to see these information and join the activities if they wish to. This is a useful promotion tool that can reach a large number of people in the university. This can be done in the first year.

Lunch Box Promotion 

Realizing the problem that there aren’t enough promotion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Lingnan, our group also come up with some possible solutions and ideas, one of them is to print advertising information of I&E on the takeaway lunchbox in canteen. Since, there is only one canteen in Lingnan, most of the students usually have lunch or buy takeaway lunches there. We discover that the takeaways lunchboxes have a lot of empty spaces in fact and it would be wasteful if students just throw them away. Therefore, we come up with the idea that  we could print some advertising information on the lunchbox, so that whenever students by takeaways lunches, it may arouse their interest.

Regarding the process of launching this project. We would first design an attractive and informative cover for the advertising, then we would contact school office and canteen to seek their approval. Once we get the approval, we would then contact the company which produce the current lunchboxes in canteen, send them our design and print them out. We hope that this project would be a short-term one, which we spend not more than a year to finish it.

UIF Lingnan university.jpeg

Social Media Promotion

Social media plays a crucial role in student's life. They spend a lot of time on social media, paying attention on those platforms. We think it could be a effective way to communicate with students and reach out to them instead of the more traditional way of engaging students. And as  a result, it could help promoting activities organised by University. Starting a social media account could create a more easy-going image. Besides the platform could act as be the center of information about I&E in lingnan. So students can save the time searching for different opportunites on doing something more useful.

Social Media Promotion.png

Student Activities

Mentorship Programme

Lingnan University puts emphasis in strengthening the bonding between current undergraduate students and Lingnan alumni. Aiming at raising the awareness in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Lingan community, a mentorship program could be launched for undergraduate students from all disciplines. Some Lingnan alumni in entrepreneurial sector and other successful start-up founders are invited to be mentors for Lingnan students. This program serves as a platform for both parties to share their creative thoughts. Not only mentees can seek advice from I&E perspective from their mentors, but mentors also can share their personal experience in launching a creative business to their mentees. A series of interactive activities will be arranged for both mentors and mentees to establish a close relationship and get a deep understanding towards innovative entrepreneurship. These help students who are potentially interested in establishing start-up company to acquire first-hand information and help stimulate students’ creative mindsets. The I&E ambience in Lingnan could be greatly enhanced.

Mentorship program.png

I&E Study Tour

Lingnan University provides many outgoing opportunities for students like exchange programme or overseas internship programme. In order to attract more students raising awareness on I&E issue, I&E study tours can be organized to allow students borden their horizons and build more ideas of entrepreneurship. UIF programme can be one of them. Trips to Asia countries like Korea or Mainland China, which developed many wonderful creative industries and start-up companies, can also be organized. Students may be able to visit different start-up companies and have different brainstorming sessions to develop more ideas on entrepreneurship. Students are required to come up ideas and do reflection at the end of the tour illustrate their ideas and what they have learnt throughout the tour. The university may provide subsidies so that students do not have to worry about financial ability before having these wonderful experiences.

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