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Lingnan University is a public liberal arts university in Hong Kong. It aims to provide students with an education in the liberal arts tradition and has joined the Global Liberal Arts Alliance since 2012.

Lingnan University has 3 faculties, 16 departments, and 19 undergraduate degree programmes comprising a broad range of disciplines in humanities, social sciences and business administrations. All undergraduates are required to take 27 credits of Core Curriculum courses, 18 credits of Chinese and English language courses, 48 credits of major courses and 27 credits of free elective courses. Lingnan also offers a variety of taught masters, research masters and PhD programmes. Total students comprise more than 4,000 students.


Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In recent years, Lingnan University begins to implement ideas like "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" into the campus, which aim at offering students a diversified and interesting learning experience. And it is mainly done through the following three departments and programmes.  

Office of Service Learning (OSL)

Office of Service-Learning (OSL) was set up in November 2006 with the 5 million donations from Mr. LEUNG Kai Hung, Michael, Executive Chairman of Onwel Groups of Companies, and the matching grant from the University Grant Committee (UGC). It is the first stand-alone Service-Learning office among the universities in Hong Kong, which dedicates itself to nurturing change makers by encouraging students to engage in community services with academic knowledge through the experiential-learning model.

Integrated Learning Programme (ILP)

Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) is one of the signature co-curricular programmes in the University which facilitates students to extend their learning beyond the classroom. With its wide spectrum of contents and interactive delivery modes, students are able to unlock potentials, boost confidence, make plans for life and achieve success. Students can develop their new interests and explore many learning opportunities from over 400 ILP activities each year.

Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) 

Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) is a collaborative Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) platform newly established to empower entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors to take action for inclusive growth. A number of start-up activities and entrepreneurship programs are organized by LEI to increase students' interest and incentives towards entrepreneurship.


OSL in Encouraging Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

Faculty Members

The Office of Service-Learning supports Lingnan faculty members to engage in service-learning teaching and community-based research to build strong connections between our community and academia. Engaged scholarship allows the University to fulfill its mission of "Learning to Serve, Serving to Learn" through enriching individuals and communities, developing student leaders, and nurturing sustainable community-building initiatives.

Faculty Engagement

There are many opportunities for faculty members to engage in service-learning and community-based research. The Office of Service-Learning supports the faculty development through training workshops, conferences, publications, retreats, as well as the annual US Delegation. It recognizes the faculty members' achievements through the Service-Learning Award and Mini-Grant, supporting them to continue their research and community involvement. As part of its mission to cultivate engagement, the OSL aims to help the faculty members in finding the resources they need to participate in Service-Learning opportunities, collaborate with others, or initiate a great idea.

OSL & LEI in Encouraging Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship 


Startup Weekend Hong Kong Social Impact @ Lingnan University

The Startup Weekend Hong Kong @ Lingnan University is one of the Service-Learning projects that aim to nurture students’ understanding of Social Innovation. Students who studied in the Service-Learning course will implement their ideas and pitch in the Startup Weekend. Judges will give comments and suggestions for students to continue their S-L project in different forms like startups or social enterprise. The 3 winners of Startup Weekend Hong Kong @ Lingnan University will get a chance to enter the Semi-Final of Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge and other prizes.

Asia Social Innovation Award 2020: Calling for Changemakers!

Break Grounds, Build Change, Birth Hope!Asia Social Innovation Award 2020 “New Urban” is now calling for groundbreaking ideas that transform social and environmental challenges into a positive force for urban growth. Join the 4-day impact programme in Hong Kong including a pitching competition, holistic entrepreneurship development, mentorship and networking to scale the impact of purpose-driven, people-centric innovations.

ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest (ABU Robocon)

Asian-Oceanian college robot competition. University students need to build to robots to complete different tasks. OSL nurtured a school team to participate in ABU Robocon 2022 & 2023 and is now recruiting new member to participate in ABU Robocon 2024.


'LU Soc-Tech Development Scheme: Building Our Own LU Ironman!" Workshops

LU Soc-Tech Development Scheme is a 5-week training program which aims to develop our students’ innovation mindset and technology skills to make tangible products to impact our society. The program will cover learning on how to utilize interesting technology such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, iBeacon and Charbot. It also generates innovative ideas into practical gargets to address social challenges.

'Mobile App Building Workshop

Students can learn how to design, build and polish a cloud-connected iOS and Android mobile app from scratch without any coding. The primary goal of the workshop is to strengthen students' capacity in promoting their innovative projects through digital channel.

Ignite Your Innovation and Creativity Series

Students make use of their creativity to carry out innovative activities such as transforming micro flats into their dream flats and creating their own microfilms. They also learn some design thinking concepts and are taught how to apply these concepts in their daily lives.

Intro to Case Competition and the Skills in Winning a Contest!

This workshop aims to help students better understand the case competition scenario in Hong Kong. They will learn about some fundamental frameworks that would help them crack a case as well as acquire analytical and presentation skills. Some case competition models are provided to let students practice the new skills and knowledge they have acquired from the workshop.


Innovation and Impact Fund (IIF) - Entrepreneurship Programme

To keep contributing to society with a high level of impact, the University encourages and supports faculty members and students to generate innovative ideas, create opportunities, and master risk and failure in the process. To this end, the Entrepreneurship Programme under the University’s Innovation and Impact Fund (IIF) is designed to support faculty members and students to create a positive impact for society while developing the entrepreneurial capacity and spirit.

Students Entrepreneurial Exploration Development (SEED) Fund

With the generous donation from Lingnan Education Organization Limited (“Donor”) to the University, the “LEO Tse Kai Yui Memorial Fund” (嶺南教育機構謝啟睿紀念基金) offers grants for the SEED Fund Scheme. The SEED Fund provides $5,000 grants and workspace to early-stage entrepreneurial plans involving current Lingnan students. The grants are intended for use in prototype development and customer discovery activities. These awards provide critical funding for high risk, high reward projects that have great potential to change the current status quo. Students are encouraged to use SEED fund to implement entrepreneurial or social innovation projects developed in class in a real-world situation.

PIE Program

The Pre-Incubation Programme for Innovative Entrepreneurs (PIE) is a start-up programme jointly launched by the Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP). The program is designed to support young innovation leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs to translate their ideas into action for a better society. The program fast-tracks HKSTP's joint idea program, providing up to $100,000 in seed funding when milestones are met.

Lingnan University Entrepreneurship Funding (LUEF)

LUEF is a start-up funding programme organised and managed by the Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative. It offers seed grants to LU students and/or young graduates to realize entrepreneurial ideas via the Start-up Fund.


The OSL and LEI team has provided multiple spaces for students to work on their innovative creations with the newest technology and a venue for them to cultivate their ideas.

The Space

The Office of Service-Learning and the Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative have created a space where university community members can learn to build and create things. The Space is filled with the latest technology, including 3D printers, a laser engraver, a 3D scanner, electronics equipment, hand tools and all the software needed. OSL and LEI staff are experienced using the equipment and ready to help with your next project!

Mezzanine Floor in the Library

This is a newly constructed area thats started to provide service in the year 2022. OSL has collaborated with the Lingnan Library to provide a new space inside the Library with six decks for users to access and work on I&E projects and their studies.

  1. LU Barn - co-run with the Office of Service Learning (OSL). 3D printers and a laser engraver have been installed in the area. OSL and the Library team will provide exciting activities and training in the new Term.

  2. Incubation Zone – Again, Space is co-run with OSL for their team building for Robocon competition and other initiatives, such as the UIF meetings.

  3. Design Thinking Zone – It would be an event /study space.

  4. Co-Learning Zone – There are two co-learning zones and is for private study. Study carrels and study tables have been installed to support different study forms.

  5. Postgraduate Lounge – This replaces the Postgraduate Common Room on the 3/F to provide a quiet and cosy area for research and learning.


Local Summer Internship Programme (LSIP)

The Office of Student Affairs has launched the Local Summer Internship Programme (LSIP) and put great efforts in soliciting and arranging internship places in local companies / organizations for our students in order to facilitate their job hunting and enhance their employability upon graduation. Through the internships, students would gain practical work experience under the local dynamic working environment and enhance their workplace skills which would be indispensable for their future career development.

The selected intern will:

1. Support the LEI staff in conducting Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) related projects

  • Communicate with partners and stakeholders
  • Promote for activities and events among targeted groups
  • Assist in managing logistics and administration of projects

2. Support LEI current activities about Design Innovation and HumanitarianTechnology

  • Attend and support trainers in the Design Thinking Workshops
  • Take part in the field work and support activities in sub-divided units

3. Assist in government funded projects about shoreline conservation, climate action and low carbon living

  • Accompany participants in field visits and beach clean-ups
  • Support in logistics and events organisation

4. Manage communications and outreach activities for LEI and OSL

  • Create promotional material for social media platforms
  • Launch campaigns to increase OSL’s & LEI’s outreach online and offline

School Clubs & Activities

Programme-Based / Departmental /Societies:

  • Business Administration Society
  • Contemporary English Society
  • History Society
  • Senate of Association of Arts Programme
  • Senate of Business Administration Society
  • Senate of Society of Social Sciences
  • Society of Cultural Studies
  • Society of Philosophy
  • Society of Social Sciences
  • Music Society
  • Dance Society

University Sports & Cultural Teams:

  • Badminton
  • Men's & Women's Basketball
  • Fencing
  • Handball
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Rowing
  • Rugby
  • Men's & Women's Soccer
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Volleyball
  • Woodball
  • Chinese Debate
  • Putonghua Debate
  • Lion Dance & Martial Arts Team

Students' Union:

  • Representative Council
  • Press Bureau

Groups under University Offices:

Chaplain's Office:

  • Christian Choir
  • Christian Fellowship

Office of Student Affairs (OSA):

  • Lingnan University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (LUCSSA)
  • Lingnan University Postgraduate Student Association (LUPGSA)
  • Lingnan University Toastmasters Club
  • University-YMCA (Lingnan)

Engaging with Regional and Local Economic Development Efforts

Agorize Business Case Competition

The agorize Business Case Competition is the biggest business case competition in Hong Kong & Macau. It is organised for the 3rd year in a row, the Business Case Competition has for objective to link students from all types of background to Hong Kong’s key decision-makers. Throughout this collaboration, these major players aim to bring disruptive vision to their core business models, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make an impact. This year, the competition is sponsored by AXA Hong Kong (Innovate to insure), Natixis (Banking for a sustainable future), LVMH Fashion Group(Future of Fashion Luxury Retail) and Dragages Hong Kong (Affordable and sustainable housing), which students would have chances to engage with local economic development.

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