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Lars Kähler
School (Cohort)
FH Salzburg (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Timber construction and Forest products technology


Hey there !

My name is Lars Kähler and I love to paint big. What i mean with this goes from canvas in all sizes to bridge piers. As you can see I am a rather creative person, altough I always plan my escapades in advance. Because many people wont expect: When you do Graffiti or Murals (which is one of my hobbies as you might have guessed already) you need to prepare a lot before you can start painting. This goes from sketching to rasterizing over getting permissions for walls to paint to crafiting your own canvases out of hangings.

But there are other interesting things about me apart from painting: Since I would define myself as a person that can get the best out of itself in groups, I love to start projects where you can create something new. This is why I joined the UIF program, but was also the reason for me to study Timber Conscruction and Forest Products Technology at FH Salzburg after I refused the career as scene painter I chased before. Have you ever built your own little piece of furniture you look at every day and that makes you proud of your skills ? This feeling of Satisfaction is something that also led me to my studies while I worked at several joineries.

So contact me at any time if you are looking for someone to talk about wood, craftsmanship, arts, rowing or even better: If you have an Idea for a project together !


- finished school in only twelve years ^^

- survived a week on the bicycle only with a backpack, a tent and two friends

- got through covid-pandemic without a personal breakdown

- started a biologic and fairtrade shirt-brand with a good friend

- finished 3rd in the german junior lightweight rowing championships

- still have a great relation to my parents

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