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Lara von Däniken is a former University Innovation Fellow who holds a Bachelors in Design Management International
from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU), and a Masters in International Business from Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). Design Management refers to creative problem solving, innovating new products, services, experiences and systems, as well as and improving user experiences in all types of organizations through a system-oriented approach. The International Business program equips students with the necessary skills to advise multinational corporations on topics such as internationalization, mergers, corporate strategy and transformation.

Lara grew up close to Basel and moved to Lucerne as soon as her studies at HSLU started. Already during the first year of the Bachelors program, she was exposed to the University Innovation Fellows program during a public event called “Design Manager’s Talk” at HSLU. She then successfully participated in the UIF program from which she graduated as a fellow in 2020.

Her passion is to solve complex problems and challenges in an international environment, surrounded by people from different cultures and backgrounds. This is also why she chose to work in different countries, such as Singapore, Ecuador or the UK and speaks six different languages.

Apart from her academic career, Lara started her professional career at a Swiss insurance, followed by a Junior Consultant role focused on customer experience and innovation. Then, she worked in Cloud Strategy for UK-based SMEs, and for a multinational consumer goods company in the area of organization design and people change. Today, Lara works in Strategy Consulting at Accenture, in the area of operating model and organization design within the CFO & Enterprise Value practice. In her free time, Lara likes to spend time with family and friends, make music, be outdoors and travel.

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