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Lakhena is current sophomore at Union College. Although she is a biochemistry major, she has an immense passion for learning new things every day. She has taken classes in topics ranging from Anthropology to Chinese and Russian. In the future, she plans on taking acting classes and picking up some computer programming knowledge. In her spare time, she loves to write spoken word, read a good book, and going on walks with her Nikon DSLR in hand. In high school, Lakhena had experience facilitating topics on leadership and social entrepreneurship, so she's excited to continue that work with her UIF teammates. At Union she has also led several discussions with students on a variety of topics like motivation and success in weekly Dinner around Discussion and Diversity meetings. Currently, lakhena doing research on metacaspases and their activity in the lab in addition to being a part time chemistry tutor. This past summer, she worked at a comfort care home, taking care of the terminally ill and the experience really confirmed her goals to getting an MD. Til then, she want to enjoy life and gain as much experience possible from the awesome opportunities college gives her.

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