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Kendell Costley is currently a junior electrical engineering major at Morgan State University. With a 3.5 GPA and an amazing work ethic, he has been involved in over seven organizations on campus as well as obtaining internships all over the country. He has been called as a speaker to represent his school to the NAVBY for Grant money, and has had business trips in Chicago and California. He is even currently going through his process in obtaining an intellectual property for some of his business ideas that he wishes to implement in the future.

But it all didn’t start this way. Being the first male to go to college in his family, he didn’t even know what a GPA was in his junior year of high school. Instead of giving up, he chose to work harder and learn everything with his twin brother to try and get the best experiences in their lives as possible. Only making it into one school, Morgan State University, he has been striving for success ever since. It didn’t come easy, as he had to go through his challenges tha5t only made him stronger; furthermore, these challenges were getting booed off of stage, failing a class, and dealing with the real world while still going to school. Searching guidance he began to read as many book that he felt could help. Those books were 498 laws of power, think and grow rich, and even the art of seduction LOL.

So once Kendell Costley heard about the innovation fellows he quickly worked towards seizing the opportunity. Through his hardships in life he knew that he didn’t want to live like the rest of his family; moreover, he knew he had to find his own path to do what they didn’t, and help them in the future. His dedication and diligence will help him in his quest to becoming a successful entrepreneur one day, making him a perfect candidate for the Innovation fellows. 

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