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HO Tsang (Kelia) is one of the University Innovation Fellows and a senior Translation student studying at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. Since a yearning to learn new things, she decided to participate in University Innovation Fellows to know more about Innovation and Entrepreneurship and do good for the fellow students. 


At Lingnan University, she was the internal vice-president of the 7th University-YMCA (Lingnan University) and she cooperated with other student committees to organize activities for fellow students and the public. She worked as a character performer at Walt Disney World during her first summer, and it was an unforgettable experience to work overseas and meet new friends from all over the world. Last summer, she went to Portugal for the summer exchange programme where she studied Digital Marketing and European Cross-Cultural Management.  


Besides, Kelia is fond of doing voluntary services and she is a volunteer member of the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf currently. She helps to organize and hold activities for the hearing impaired people and the public. She has been studying Hong Kong Sign Language for almost a year and currently on the advanced level. She hopes to influence others by action and also do good for the society. 

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