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Joe Moore is a University Innovations Fellow and an undergraduate engineering student from the University of Alabama with an interest in electronics and software design. 

The spawn of a previous NASA computer scientist and a professional stay at home mother, Joe has been surrounded by computers since he could remember his first thought. To no surprise, technology became more his friend than humanity itself. While living in multiple regions around the southeast, Joe's solitary personality helped him develop a love for multiple art forms and sciences; most of them revolving around the computer platform.

After spreading his wings and leaving his nest of supportive minds, he moved on to Birmingham, Alabama to begin a passionate search for deeper knowledge of the technological world. Joe currently lives in Birmingham, working on cryogenic freezers for the Engineering and Innovative Technology Development center. On his spare time he finds joy in playing various musical instruments, tinkering with anything that has electricity flowing through it, and finding unusual and obscure hobbies to broaden his view of life's great and unknown purpose.

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