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University of Alabama at Birmingham Student Priorities

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Project Pitch Video

UIF Second Cohort Pitch Video

UIF Third Cohort Presentation

Strategy #1: Implementing Design Thinking into Courses 

Tactic 1: Gather tools to teach a design mini-series and get the word out (March 2018)

Tactic 2: Hold 4-week mini-series on design thinking in different spaces across campus; Utilize UAB Commercialization Accelerator resources and work with them (April 2018)

Tactic 3: Assemble professors, advisors, and passionate students that will help pursue making this a reality by rallying behind us (June and July 2018)

Tactic 4: Pitch idea of adding design-focused course to department heads (August 2018)

Tactic 5: Prepare a design-focused course to be taught within the next academic term; continue with design mini-series to draw more students in (Septemeber-Novemeber 2018)

Tactic 6: Pitch the idea of adding more core classes with design focus; continue with design mini-series (January and February 2019)

Tactic 7: When 3+ courses are implemented, pitch the idea of adding a minor in design (March 2019)

Tactic 8: Create an interdisciplinary minor in design (August 2019)

Strategy #2: Reinventing the Registration Process

Tactic 1: Research the current registration process from start to end, including identification of current systems. (March 2018)

Tactic 2: Prototype and test 3 different ideas (April 2018)

Tactic 3: Pitch idea of changing registration process to staff (May 2018)

Tactic 4: Develop and refine product for registration (June and July 2018)

Tactic 5: Product in use (August 2018)

Strategy #3: Creating A Venture Capital Fund

Tactic 1: Gain support from administration and on-campus media assets (late April 2018)

Tactic 2: Approach Green and gold Fund for management talent (May-Mid-September 2018)

Tactic 3: Assemble board of inter-disciplinary student leaders (September and October 2018)

Tactic 4: Create legal structure, fund structure, and other enterprise operations (November 2018)

Tactic 5: Gauge student commitment by sending out info through email newsletters (November 2018)

Tactic 6: Raise capital through students (crowd investing platform) (Januaryy and February 2018)

Tactic 7: Invest in student startups (April 2019)

Strategy #4: Bringing Together a Community Network

Tactic 1: Listen in on meetings with Innovation Council (March 2018)

Tactic 2: Advertise Makerspace (March 2018)

Tactic 3: Investigate why people do not use resources and how we can change this (April 2018)

Tactic 4: Prototype and test different ways to reach out to students from each of the colleges and schools (August 2018)

Tactic 5: Join in on meetings with Innovation Council (August 2018)

Tactic 6: Pitch idea of our dream for all students to use all resources (September 2018)

Tactic 7: Hold events that involve all schools and colleges (October 2018)

Tactic 8: Have the department heads meet in the resource spots, then professors, and then eventually students (December 2018)

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