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Forrest Satterfield

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Forrest Satterfield is a senior majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in entrepreneurship at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is working to create low cost medical devices. As a biomedical engineering major and business owner, he believes that success requires an equal balance between entrepreneurship and engineering. He attends symposiums, lectures, and events regarding entrepreneurship, engineering, art, science, culture, and innovation in order to expand his perspective and expose himself to new ideas that he can translate into his own work.

During the Fall semester of his Freshmen year at UAB he became one of the first students accepted from UAB to the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) for his commitment to action to create a Universal System of Actuators for Orthotics and Prosthesis (USAOP).

During his Sophmore year Forrest started Satterfield Technologies which became the first student start-up at the Innovation Lab, created by UAB, at the Innovation Depot. His company now also has an office in BizTech located in Huntsville, Al.

He joined the University Innovation Fellows his Junior year and assembled a team of students to found the UAB MakerSpace.

During the 5th Annual University Innovation Fellows Silicon Valley Meetup he had the opportunity to share his story at Google with the 350 University Innovation Fellows and faculty. The attendees participated in experiential workshops and exercises focused on topics including movement building, innovation spaces, design of learning experiences, and new models for change in higher education.

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