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Jeni Weber

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Serving as UIF since: Fall 2016

School: University of Alabama at Birmingham
What she does now: Freelance Marketing
What that means: manages digital marketing efforts and creates social media content for small businesses

Contact her about: marketing, startups, art, coffee, makerspaces, and designing your life after graduation!

Jeni Weber is a former University Innovation Fellow who graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in April of 2017. Her sophomore year of college, she worked for a tech startup, Satterfield Technologies, the first student startup of the Innovation Lab at Innovation Depot. This experience was her introduction to the world of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. It led to her joining her fellow students in creating the UAB MakerSpace, a student-run organization dedicated to giving users a place to bring their ideas to life. Her senior year, she became a University Innovation Fellow, continued to work at maintaining and improving the UAB MakerSpace, and worked with her cohort and faculty to try to reframe the freshman experience and implement changes in the university’s core curriculum. She has had the privilege of attending the March 2017 Silicon Valley Meetup and the ui5 design event at Stanford in November 2017.

Jeni has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing with a concentration in Marketing Management. Since graduating, she moved to Southern California, does marketing consulting for small businesses, works at a yoga studio, and is using design thinking to build her dream career and life.

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