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Joaquin Muñoz
School (Cohort)
Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Systems Engineering


Joaquín Muñoz is a candidate for the University Innovation Fellow program and recently graduated with a degree in Systems Engineering from the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas. He is currently employed in the field of IT audit at one of Peru's leading banks. Additionally, he is diligently working towards obtaining a CISSP certification, aiming to further enhance his expertise in Cybersecurity.

With an inherent passion for technology and computers, Joaquín has always been captivated by understanding the inner workings of everyday tools and applications, as well as uncovering the minds behind their creation. This curiosity drives his pursuit of knowledge and fuels his dedication to his chosen field.


One of his notable achievements is his proactive involvement in the field of cybersecurity, Joaquín has exhibited a penchant for collaboration by forming teams with like-minded individuals interested in cybersecurity aswell. Together, they have enthusiastically participated in various capture the flag (CTF) events hosted by prominent cybersecurity organizations like Hack the Box, as well as numerous community-driven competitions worldwide.

Furthermore, Joaquín's engagement extends beyond cybersecurity by showcasing his multifaceted talents by actively participating in a wide array of events organized by his university. From sports festivals to programming and video game development competitions, he consistently embraces diverse challenges. Notably, he demonstrated his innovative spirit through his engagement in the "Reto 28h" competition. During this event, he proposed the concept of "Skucha," an innovative application designed to assist individuals with hearing disabilities that got the first place in the event. This groundbreaking app facilitates real-time translation of classroom lectures, ensuring that these individuals can comprehend their teachers' instructions and actively engage in learning alongside their peers, without experiencing any setbacks. Joaquín's passion for innovation, dedication to inclusivity, and his ability to contribute meaningfully to various domains exemplify his exceptional qualities.

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