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        Akula Jeevan kumar is a graduate student from Sri ventakeshwara college of engineering in Tirupati.  He is enthusiastic person and a great entrepreneur having good leadership qualities.   He has been campus ambassador for many renowed events.  He is well known for his helping nature.   He has a great communication skills and a profient speaker, he can speak telugu, hindi , tamil ,English and kannada .

           He travels when he is confused.  He had been traveled to  south india  almost and a part of north india . He is interested in painting and creating pen sketches to describe him in word he is artistic.  He can change feelings into paintings. He is pursuing his electronics and communication engineering and is Interested in  satellite communication.  He wants to work on RADARS.


 He is the class representative , NPTEL online courses co-ordinator and Placements co-ordinator.


He joined UIF to change the present education system in his ecosystem.

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Spring- 2018:

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Fall- 2017:

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