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Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering Student Priorities

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Strategy #1: To motivate students in achieving their goals.

 Even though there are many opportunities to the students, they are failing to utilize these opportunities as they don’t have enough confidence in them when it comes to pressure situations. They don’t have enough experience to face the challenges they meet in their life. So, they must be motivated towards their goals in such type of critical solutions and to overcome this problem, the idea is to implement motivation programs with the help of a MOTIVATION CLUB.


 Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it. This Motivation club includes some functions like organizing talks, Inspiration periods, Conducting sports, organizing student talks et cetera.

Tactic 1: Conducting Talks

The Motivation club should focus on conducting as many programs as required in order to motivate the students. It should organize inspiration talks in the school by elite persons around the locality or in our country. The famous persons who preside over the meeting are expected to share both their success and failure stories so that the students will get motivated and they could get that inspiration to overcome any such challenge in their life. Thus, the Motivation club should function to enhance the confidence in students to face any problem.  We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018.

Tactic 2: Time to get inspired

  In this, the last 1/5th time of each hour is set free and students can pose their queries and interact with the teachers and after this, the teachers can give their inspirational talks or their related ones. This can make the students know how to face difficulties in their lives and overcome the problems. Also, this time can also be engaged to make the students to be bold and determined and to narrate their challenges and how they overcame them. Thus, this time will be really helpful for motivating and inspiring the students.   We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018.

Tactic 3: Engaging some part of time for Sports

 Sports will definitely make a person be spiritual. It teaches the students to accept defeats and they get to realize that both winning and losing are a part of the game called life and they will be definitely. Thus, engaging some part of curriculum time in sports can aid the students to be motivated and spiritual.   We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018.

Tactic 4: Conducting motivational Webinars

 Some elite persons may not have free time to give their valuable suggestions to the students, in this case, they can motivate the students via webinars. Thus, by organizing webinars we can motivate the students towards their goals.   We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018.

Tactic 5: Personality development classes online

 In this, the students can interact and explain them the challenges they are facing and ask them to suggest accordingly to be mentally strong. They can even get to know about the examples of such situations if those elite persons had faced such challenges and how they overcame them. Thus, this tactic can help the students to get live examples from the elite persons.   We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018.

Tactic 6: Peer to Peer motivation session – student talks

 Students will play a vital role and they here have a chance to explain their favorite and inspiring stories that can motivate their peers. A special hour will be dedicated to this and students are encouraged to come forward voluntarily and motivate their peers. This will truly lift the spirit of the students.   We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018.

Tactic 7:  Development test and changes

 There will be a self-assessment of what he has done so far and will be focusing strongly on his goal with the help of a mentor associated with the student. The mentor will be guiding the student to a successful path and the will be contributing some valuable suggestions to the student.   We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018


Strategy #2 Enhancing awareness among students about I&E

 To get an entry of students into the era of entrepreneurship, the basic thing needed is to provide awareness among the students regarding the innovation and entrepreneurship. To provide effective awareness start thinking from the scratch.

Tactic 1: Get Inspired

 The best way to provide awareness is making students get inspired. This can be effectively done by accommodating success meets, guest lectures, seminars on the world renewed entrepreneurs, etc. Through this awareness program, the management ensures students about

  1. Encouraging their ideas
  2. Problem-solving techniques
  3. Erase the gap between faculty and student
  4. Providing guidance and suggestions from seniors
  5. Providing success stories of on-campus entrepreneurs(fellow students)

Tactic 2: Campus campaign

 Awareness over I&E can be improvised by conducting campaigns on the campus. Through these campaigns, students come to know what I&E is, how does it help them, how does I&E enhances their success etc.

Tactic 3:  Face on

 Face to face interactions improves the awareness regarding I&E. this involves senior-fresher interaction and faculty fresher interaction sessions.

Tactic 4: jackpot

 Encouraging the ideas by funding to the current students present as a member in the I&E improves the entry of students into the era of I&E. The students who made their projects successful are announced as new entrepreneurs and mad as icons of the month. through his students to get inspired and get their entry into I&E and progress faster with their idealistic projects and become the icons of the month. This would last a large impact on awareness regarding I&E.

Tactic 5: awareness online

 improvising college website consisting the icon IEDC which includes an icon AWARENESS.

This consists of

Why I&E?

 The description regarding entrepreneurs,  how does innovation differ from one entrepreneur to other, think out of the box etc.


 Students who wanna be  a part of I&E must register here


 Students who start their project can get their ignition for their project where they find the components required, functioning of equipment and applications of the components to be used that they require.


 Success and failure stories are present to make the students get their inspiration from the era the chooses to be an entrepreneur.


 if any student has a doubt or question or any idea to be implemented can drop it here

Tactic 6: Social networking

 Today the world became so handy due to social media. to have a very fast awareness regarding I&E we can get through this. on an average, every student has one account on at least one social networking through this awareness regarding I&E can be easily brought to limelight using social media.

Tactic 7: Intra-college meet up

 Awareness can be improved among students when they have exposed the varied range of opportunities they have on the campus. A powerful platform to this idea can be created by arranging an intra-college meetup. By arranging this the students are given a chance to explore the ideas present within the college. This helps students to choose their dream ideas from those varied ranges of ideas.


Strategy #3: Implementing practical sessions for students

Tactic 1: Conducting Workshops 

Students are the future.  Although they have learning capacity they lack practical skills.  Students learn basics in academics whereas they can implement that knowledge when they are provided with practical sessions.  Apart from academics, there is so much to learn which can be known when they attend classes outside the classroom which is our workshop.  Workshops not only provide extra knowledge, they also help students implement that knowledge.  Many colleges have been conducting workshops to help students meet the knowledge to survive in industries.  On the survey, it has been shown that details of workshops are not provided with students regularly.  Presently, the awareness regarding workshops is provided using the traditional way of communication.  It is neither fast nor effective.  Hence there is a need for providing students with the whole information at a place. Creating website is the best solution as it provides the student with the knowledge of workshops around him in a single place.  Students themselves should conduct workshops or practical sessions among them as it is the best way of sharing knowledge.  As a student may or may not know the thing that other know this helps students to share knowledge fastly and efficiently.  We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018. 

Tactic 2: Introducing online lectures

It is not possible to provide everything using the current curriculum hence there is a need for introducing the student to the things that help students survive in the present world.  This can be done by introducing online lectures with students.  As it provides everything in a well-defined manner so that the student can learn what he needs to know.  Some online courses not only offer courses but also provides certificates which help students to fill their resume.  We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018.

Tactic 3: Introducing classes that are out of curriculum

The main focus of present education system is to provide basic to the some of the subjects that help the student to attend his interview.  If the same system persists everyone learns the same stuff as it shows no difference between one another.  To learn such stuff the classes that are not in curriculum need to be conducted.  It not only helps in identifying student uniquely but also makes him ready with the advanced subjects in his mind so that he can implement it and explore new things regarding it.  One day it may make him as a scientist. We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018.

Tactic 4: Showing the work in past

Most of the ideas in this world come from copying.  Many scientists who made great inventions followed some other scientists.  That is many of them enhanced the work done by others.  Edison found the bulb.  But the same idea is enhanced in different ways to produce different kinds of light facilitating devices.  The computer was invented but it is the source for many devices that we are in love with now.  That is why there is a need for every student to have an idea of past works and their prototypes as it not only makes think him but also motivates him.  We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018.

Tactic 5: Publishing research documents

Research is not only the process of finding mistakes in current trends but it also helps in creating new ideas.  In this approach ideas of students are encouraged and shared among different scholars.  They enhance them and republish them.  With this iterative process, the ideas are enhanced.  This is the best platform for every student to utilize.  We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018.

Tactic 6: Introducing Internship culture

The internship is the best option for every student to do as it helps students work in industries not only for money but also to gain some experience.  It is the best opportunity as the student can work on industries without any previous experience.  It makes him fit to work in industries as he completes his education.  We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018.

Tactic 7: Industrial tours

Industrial tours help students to explore every nook and corner in industry.  It helps students to observe business tricks,  requirements of surviving in industry,  Precautions to be done to solve the problems faced while working in some industry.  We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018.

Tactic 8: Reducing the gap between industry and school

There is a gap between industry and students that is the companies are not approaching students in many places.  This has to be filled.  If the companies approach the students and provide required knowledge then it is easy for the students to get knowledge about industry,  understanding requirements to survive in the industry.  We will achieve this goal by May 5, 2018.

Strategy #4: To improve the trust in student Ideas

          Trust is the glue of life. It is essential for all communications and to build strong relationships. To win the trust of management, the students initially have to add weight to their assumptions. For this problem, the solution is implementing the ‘Thinker club’.

Tactic 1:  Idea wall website: 

               Creativity generates innovative ideas. Everything in this world is not perfect. Each one has its own flaw. But the greatness in generating an innovative and effective idea is to correct the flaws in it in the first stage itself. So the initial stage of thinker club comes with an idea wall. The students display their Ideas and details on the IDEA wall website for a week. The rest of the students are given a chance to rate and comment on the ideas. If the response of students is large, then the idea will automatically draw the attention and trust of management towards the students. The students also get an opportunity to identify the pros and cons of his idea and rectify the mistakes, if present.  We will achieve this goal by Jan 5, 2018.

Tactic 2: Meetups with effective student change agents: 

                   Student change agents are the great support to the budding talents. A meetup session with the change agents on campus helps them identify the resources in and out of the campus that help them to reach their goals. The dilemma in their mind can be erased with ease and they can pave a clear path to what next.  We will achieve this goal by Jan 30, 2018.

Tactic 3: Mentoring sessions with faculty:

                Technical support is the main phase while implementing an Idea. Technical assistance will be provided to the students from faculty mentors to overcome the hurdles of doubts. This helps students in bridging the gap between their assumptions and feasibility in real life.  We will achieve this goal by Feb 15, 2018.

 Tactic4: Maker space: 

              Trust is earned when actions meet words. When students show their ideas in action plan, they can gain trust from the management to fund their ideas. This is possible only if they prototype their project.  Low-cost prototyping resources are made available for the students in this maker space. This helps them in giving a live demo of their project to the customers and helps them in winning the faith of students.  We will achieve this goal by Feb 28, 2018.

Tactic5: Customer feedback: 

             No product is effective enough until it wins the hearts of customers. The feedback from customers is more important as they are the game changers of the industry.  We will achieve this goal by March 10, 2018.

Tactic6: Developing a market strategy:

             Market strategy, in short, can be called as a succession plan. It is the major plan that should depict the perfectness of your work. A well-planned business plan is the first foundation step for future success. Some students are good at planning while some others are not. Hence students are given an opportunity to meet the business students to develop their future plans.  We will achieve this goal by March 25, 2018.

Tactic7: Management-Student interaction sessions: 

              The process is incomplete unless the ideas win the hearts of the stakeholders of the campus. After passing through the above stages the ideas now are refined and ready to win the trust of stakeholders. This can be achieved by engaging students and stakeholders in interactive sessions on specified days (most probably the weekends). If the students are successful in proving themselves, they will surely experience an immense trust from the management in the form of funding for their projects.  We will achieve this goal by April 5, 2018.

Strategy #5: To create risk awareness in student towards I&E :

Tactic 1: Identify possible risks.

        Identify the major problems available in the particular sector and make the possible things to overcome those risks.Reduce and allocate risk management strategies that might jeopardize the success of the project.

Tactic 2: Better decision-making skills.

        Be accurate with the decision to be made in the major sectors, analyze the pros and cons of a particular situation.Risk should be reduced in the early stages of prototyping because as the time passes the complexity increases to reduce the risks.

Tactic 3: Working as a cohort at an established startup

       Being a cohort you can come to know what are all the problems and risks present in a startup and you can predict the upcoming risks in advance.

Tactic 4: Control over customer Changes

        The trend keeps changing for a proportional time always, so keeping that in advance the entrepreneur should predict and integrate those changes accordingly to the changes if not there will be a chance of getting failures.

Tactic 5: Integrated planning and control.

      There must be a perfect planning and control over cost analysis.Design in a such a way you will be benefited both commercially and remain in a peace of mind.

Tactic 6: Legal Issues

        Check out if there are any trademarks present for the present innovation.Check out for any litigations/breach of contract in advance, make your licenses clean such that you will be in working mood.

Strategy6: Cognizance on I&E

Tactic 1: Gathering people

The first and primary thing to improve awareness is to gather people and make them know what actually an entrepreneurship is and what are the inputs an entrepreneur should have.The final motto of the gathering is to acquire some knowledge about entrepreneurship without an empty mind regarding it.By the end of the gathering, they come across what actually I&E is.

Tactic 2: Providing the website links of Successful Entrepreneurs

By going through the links we can gain the experience of the entire lifecycle of the entrepreneur.We can come across both the failure and success steps.So without our practical start, we can gain some awareness through it.

Tactic 3: Optimum utilization of natural resources

An entrepreneur should have a complete idea of utilization of natural resources.One need to have complete knowledge about the resources to use them for their prototype purpose.

Tactic 4: Completion of prototype with limited cost

The completion of the prototype should be done with limited cost.By this, we can sell the prototype for a low cost.This need to be followed as low cost is the main motto of an entrepreneur.

Tactic 5: Providing the relevant examples

By providing the examples one can gain much awareness.By showing examples one can differentiate between a normal businessman and the entrepreneur.Examples show how creative an entrepreneur is.

Tactic 6: Acceptance of ideas by the public

An entrepreneur should also survey different people to know their mindset.By this, he can reach their views and prepare the prototypes regarding the views of the public.

Tactic 7: Fund providing organizations

Also one must have the idea of the fund providing organizations.This will be helpful to those who have interest regarding I&E but not coming forward keeping the money matter in mind.     

Stratagy7: Interaction with network of people

Tactic 1: Social Media

In modern society, the interaction with people is mainly through social media all over the globe. So, by utilizing this aspect, we can improve networking as much as possible. The information can be shared with a large number of people with less time & effort.

Tactic 2: Participate in Toastmasters or another speaking club

For people who do not follow internet regularly can participate in Toastmasters or another speaking clubs.The major advantage of this speaking club is that there will be a direct exchange of views & ideas and can also urge someone towards entrepreneurship.

Tactic 3: Host a meetup

 we ourselves can host a meetup so that we can invite people to join the society of entrepreneurs. By doing so we can meet people in our own space. By this, we can have a creative group of people which automatically assist in increasing networking.

Tactic 4: Volunteer

One of the better-known benefits of volunteering is the impact on the community. Volunteering allows you to connect with your community and make it a better place. And volunteering is a two-way street: It can benefit you and your community. Dedicating your time as a volunteer helps you make new friends, expand your network, and boost your social skills.

Stratagy8: Catalyst to the roads of I&E

Tactic1: Creating awareness

The first step to be taken is to create awareness about entrepreneurship to can be done by posting the info on notice boards, in social media, mouth publicity and personal interaction with the students.

Tactic2: Conducting workshops

Creating attracting posters to welcome students.Providing certificates.

Talking about the success stories of the entrepreneurs.

Tactic3: Ideas

Collecting ideas from the students. Conducting events and discussion among them. Making them give presentations on their ideas.

Tactic4: Prototyping

after presentation motivating them to make a prototype. So that they will get a clear idea about the product.

It may be the sketch, digital and a sample hardware components model.

Tactic5: Interaction

We should establish interaction with all students and faculty to be motivated. The prototyping should lead to the product manufacture.

Tactic6: Entrepreneur clubs

I  All the above-mentioned process can be achieved by establishing clubs in the campus to bring change among students.

II  Creating a belief in them that they can do what they think.

III  Making profits only through an idea is a success to a student.

IV  The drug of an entrepreneur is the success.





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