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"Dream is not what you see in sleep......The dream is the thing which doesn't make you sleep ",
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the most inspirational quote of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam born on October 15. Shruthi Challa Obula loves to follow the footsteps of Kalam, sir, as she born on the same day. The way he does the work, how he integrates real-life situations to the technical work inspired her. Shruthi is pursuing graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering, from Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, from the holy city of India, Tirupati. Shruthi possesses very good communication skills which can be better known by the prizes she grabbed in debates, group discussions etc. Her teaching style has an essence which makes everyone learn and understand better the concept whatever she teaches. She encourages her peers to be part of activities and events. To get solutions she analyses the problem from roots and gives out the elucidated answer. She loves to dance, sing, painting, yoga, playing keyboard, tennis.She admires Leonardo da Vinci becausefrom his very famous painting Mona Lisa he described the ideology and perceptions of the people differ from their view. She is one among those persons who think that skills and talents are the only things in this world which make our living possible (not the money). 

She participated in 12 hours continuous seminar in Telugu on "SRI VAISHNAVA BHAKTHI THATHVAM" and certified with WONDER BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS. She was one among the delegates’ of ISCA 2017(Indian Science Congress Association) presented a paper on ELECTRONIC LIFE. She started paving a path towards getting admission in Master of Business Administration at IIM (Indian Institute of Management), as she wants to become a successful entrepreneur.She is very adaptable and a very active participant.

Shruthi strongly believes that as everything in this world is having a sort of change, yesterday's invention is becoming updated and is installed in life but the education system is not being updated it is all the same stuff like in the past. Shruthi truly believes that it's time to change the prior education system friendly to this generation's student environment.      
Through UIF, being a fellow she wants to drive the education system into a better path. She dreams that want to witness her nation India be called as the Developed nation.

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