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Jason Yeager

School: IE University Degree: Bachelor in Business Administration Languages: French, Greek, English, Spanish

Student, social entrepreneur and speaker

Jason Speaking.jpeg

Jason is a Greek/American student entrepreneur who grew up in Brussels, Belgium.

He studies business administration at IE university in Segovia with the aim of gaining a holistic understanding of the processes and systems behind creating, running and maintaining both startups and mid sized companies.

Jason is incredibly passionate about entrepreneurship and creating startups that find innovative solutions to major problems effecting society, in particular, those related to sustainability. He is the Co-founder of two startups, one of which is AOS Fruits, a company that placed first place in 2016 MIT launch X challenge and brings value through utilizing deformed fruits to create juice concentrates which are then sold to other businesses in the Brussels area.

At the moment though he is focused on using his experience as a fellow to launch a new startup in the higher education sector called Mapped Out. Mapped Out aims to personalize event information that students receive on large university campuses in Europe. The application aims to better inform the student about local and on-campus events that they can be a part of to further progress on their personal and career goals.

In addition to that, he has also recently started and hosted the Dare to Dream podcast, that aims to provide useful quality content to young ambitious individuals both in high-school and in college who seek to have a successful career in the future world they will live in. Guests in the past include the real estate mogul Grant Cardone and Co-founder of Shazam Chris Barton.