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School : Narayana English mediam High School

Email : janardhanbabu20@outlook.com

Phone : (+91) 9700870068,9493395659

Also called as : Janu,Jhon

        Jhon is an undergraduate from Sri Venkatateswara College Of Engineering passed out in the year 2020.  He is enthusiastic & creative.  He become an UIF member to get into the networks and improve his entreprenual skills.

        He is intrested in communication which is the reason he is in the Electronic and Communication Engineering stream out of his passion.He is intrested in coding and has command over embedded c.
       He is so energetic and excited about his FEATURE and he is interested in Feature Communication System. He have gone through numerous experiences in his interest  by attending many workshops and internships. This shows his dedication.
         As a part of it he recently  attended a workshop conducted by the CISCO and made an Industrial visit to a Local Telephone Exchange .

        His dream is to work with a Organisation which is trying to improve day to day technology for our daily needs. His goal is to crack the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) entrance examination and create his path to achieve his dream there.

He believes that "Things change,  And friends leave,  But life doesn't stop for anybody."


Facebook: JanardhanBabu Marri

Instagram: janardhanbabumarri

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