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Helen Hinrichs
School (Cohort)
FH Salzburg (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Multimedia Technology


Helen Hinrichs lives in Bavaria, South Germany on a dairy farm (together with 3 people, 2 cats and 22 cows) close to Salzburg, Austria, where she started studying "Multimedia Technology" with (focus on game development) in September 2020.

She was born in Schwerin, Northern Germany and moved to Berlin on her own to study classical Saxophone, when she was 16. Arts, stories and (for some reason) math have been the most important thing to her since she was very young and this fact never changed.

Though she worked as a professional musician for a long time, she never really find the right place for her and was doing all sorts of weird jobs in her last years in Berlin: working as a clown, an Easter Bunny in the mall, selling cotton candy, making giant soap bubbles on children's festivals and so on...

After moving to Bavaria she accidently found out, that programming is a thing which kind of comes naturally to her and felt completely enlightened: In video games there are all kinds of art finally coming together. The story, the music, background art, 3D animation... and programming, which connects math and creativity in a way that simply amazed her.

That's how she found her path. Now her next goal is to finish studying and learn as much as she can to be able work together with many great creative minds to develope games, which are not only beautiful pieces of art but at the same time could have the chance to move players emotionally and let them think about feelings, relationships, society and the world we live in.

Typical sentences:

  • "I remember that song! I think I used to play it once." (When listening to the radio.)
  • "I know that voice! They also used it for <name of a person> in film <name of a movie>!" (When watching a movie.)
  • "Oh, that's bad UX!" (Basically when using... anything.)


  • Won "Jugend musiziert" (a classical music contest for young people in Germany) in 2012.
  • Successfully passed driving test at second try in 2017 one day before going on tour.
  • Played a Hip Hop concert in front of over 500 people at a climate change resistance camp in 2017.
  • Learned how to milk cows in 2019.
  • Got very good grades during the last Covid-19 lockdown in 2020/21.
  • Got nominated and accepted as a candidate for UIF in 2021. ;-)

Social media profiles

I realized that social media can sometimes be harmful for my mental well-being and that I feel significantly better without it. That's why I don't use it anymore.