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Haruka Minemura Profile Picture.jpeg
Haruka Minemura (Mine)
School (Cohort)
Tohoku University (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Economics and Management


Haruka Minemura, called Mine is a graduate student at Tohoku University, Japan. She studies management, especially about Non-profit organizations. Besides NPO research, she has worked at Tohoku University hospital as a member of consulting team, NGO in Cambodia, and disaster-recovery support NPO in Tohoku to learn business in the real world. Her campus life is “traveling communities”. Staying with international students as a friend and a university official supporter. Working hard with her academic adviser as a researcher. Joining volunteer club, sports club, and other students’ communities. She is an influencer. When she says “why don’t we start something interesting?”, her friends response “I wanna join too!” one after another.She launched Project San-eleven with her friends from all over the world who loves Tohoku. This area has experienced the huge disaster 2011. Project San- Eleven provides chance to learn and share ideas for all in the worlds. After UIF training, she has been working with other cohorts and faculties to encourage students in Tohoku university with Design thinking. Currently, she is teaching Life design at class for undergraduates. She is aiming to be the bridge which connect with several sectors. The bridge creates opportunity for people to broaden their perspectives.

Thank you for reading! I am glad if you follow my SNS and make connection. Please feel free to call me Mine.


Certification of appreciation by Tohoku University DIEE office, as the best student who dedicated for international activities (2019)

Global leader of Tohoku University 2020

As Project San-Eleven, this team won the prize selected by audience at Sendai Youth Award 2020

The best prize for undergraduate dissertation in Economic department (2022)

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Website of "Project San-Eleven" (There are some pages in English, French and Vietnamese)