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Divya Jambuluru pursuing Bachelour of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from " Srinivasa Ramanujan Institute of Technology", Anantapur,India. 

She is a native of Tadipatri,Anantapur District.She completed her schooling in Keshava Reddy School,Panyam,Kurnool District.She completed her intermediate in Sri Chaithanya College in Hyderabad.

She is very intersted to learn new things.She has a good leadership qualities.She will participate in many activities.She has good communication skills and interact with everyone easily.

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Campus overview: http://universityinnovation.org/wiki/Srinivasa_Ramanujan_Institute_of_Technologyhttp://universityinnovation.org/wiki/Srinivasa_Ramanujan_Institute_of_Technology

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