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Denis Stjepanovic
School (Cohort)
FH Salzburg (2023 cohort)
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Hi, my name is Denis Stjepanovic and I am a Webdesigner/developer.

I am an 26 year old Austro-Croatian (a term coined by myself, meaning I am half Croatian and half Austrian), who was born in Austria and raised by two loving parents and an 11 years older sister all of whom had to flee their home country because of war more than 30 years ago. This circumstance brought a lot of challenges early into my life. Learning two languages at the same time from an early age makes for some funny stories, you can ask my kindergarten teacher who tried to figure out what hell I was talking about, while I was still figuring out that Croatian and German are two separate languages. I vividly remember the time period in my life when I asked myself an (for me) infinitely hard question: Am I Croatian or Austrian? And soon enough I realized that firstly it doesn't matter and secondly I figured that I formed my own subcategory which was a big relief to me. From that moment on I stopped trying to "fit in" and pursued of what I think is the right thing to do. On this journey I have found much more interests than I could ever pursue, one that I did pursue is communication. I knew that communication always was a strength of mine but I wanted to become extraordinary at it as I realized that no matter how many or which words I (or someone else for that matter) choose(s), the chance of getting the exact message across to the receiver is fairly low in a lot of cases. This is when I stumbled upon a book about body language and it shifted the way I see interactions with people completely. At the time I was working at very famous coffeehouse where I was in contact with customers for 8h everyday which was the perfect playground for me to analyze and understand their body language. After almost a year of doing that I decided to pursue new goals and interests and so I was switched professions in order to see as many different jobs and companies as I could before starting my studies here at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg.

I am currently in the last year of the bachelors program and I think that the knowledge I acquired here is incredibly useful for my future profession. I have not decided what kind of profession I want to pursue after finish the bachelors program yet but I do think that I have a lot of qualities that fit for a lot of different job positions so I will just focus on the current moment and give it my best.

Here is some webdesign work I did during my studies one of which granted my team and myself a 3rd place in an competition:

You can reach out to me via mail: stjepanovic.dns@gmail.com or shoot me a message on instagram (@denslwashington).



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Instagram: @denslwashington