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Cori Hatley is senior attending the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, MO. She is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering with a minor in Psychology of Leadership. She is also dual-enrolled in Missouri S&T’s Master of Business Administration program while she

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completes her last year of undergrad coursework. Cori works on-campus as a PRO Leader and Writing Center Peer Tutor. Her work as a PRO Leader is under S&T’s New Student Programs and involves the coordination of students in orientation, transition, and retention to the university. As a Peer Tutor, Cori assists students in one-on-one sessions at S&T’s Writing Center to improve both written and verbal communication. Over the course of her academic career at S&T, Cori has lived in Texas, California, South Carolina, and Utah for internships to explore her current career path of civil engineering. She is eager to seek a career that will bring fulfillment in her background of engineering, leadership, and business. 

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