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Qiao Hui THUM (Claire) is a University Innovation Fellow, and an undergraduate Psychology student studying at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. Claire was born and raised in Malaysia. With the degree offer and scholarship opportunity provided by Lingnan University, Claire flew over to Hong Kong to pursue her undergraduate studies. Living and studying abroad has broaden Claire’s horizons, one of them has been “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. With the original intention to stepping out of her comfort zone and seek personal changes, Claire decided to join the University Innovation Fellows. 

In Lingnan University, Claire has been exposed to various opportunities, whilst telling herself to seize every opportunity. During her first summer break, Claire was selected as one of the participants of the Disney Cultural Exchange Programme, and spent her wonderful summer working as a cast member at Walt Disney World in Orlando. During summer 2019, Claire participated in the 4-week Joint-Humanitarian Summer Academy which was organized by Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI), where she spent two-week training session in Hong Kong and another two weeks fieldwork in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

Growing up, Claire has been learning arts since she was five years ago. She loves drawing, coloring, painting and writing letterings. She believes that through drawings or any expression of arts, one may be able to express themselves or it helps in emotional growth and healing. 


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