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Bungo Tanaka
School (Cohort)
Tohoku University (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Biomedical Engineering


Hi, my name is Bungo Tanaka. I'm from Hokkaido, Japana. I major in biomedical engineering. In my lab, we make such as Chip to be embedded in the brain, and artificial retina. I belong to the human-powered aircraft club, and there I made a airplane part called fairing that covers the cockpit. We usually took part in the Japan international birdman rally, a competition to see who can fly the farthest in a human powered plane. I participated in a program to plan a business based on the given theme called international strategy courser for leader. Before I attended the course, I was interested in business, innovation, and entrepreneurship and read books a lot. However I realized that the one-year experience in the course was much better than reading 100 books. I convinced that experience is the best teacher, therefore, I applied for this course. I want to gain better experience by working hard with highly motivated collagues and make use of it in the future. nice to meet you.


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