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Bryan Neufeld is a Computer Engineering major at George Fox University. He has studied many subjects including digital logic, circuit analysis, and microprocessor programming. He has experience in a number of programming languages such as: Java, Arduino, Verilog, C, C++, Assembly, Python, Groovy and Matlab. Bryan discovered through his studies he has a passion for low-level programing and robotic systems.

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Bryan has learned to overcome a visual impairment that he was born with and has met with great academic success. He has also completed many projects while a student at George Fox University related to helping the visually impaired. These projects included a visual tracking system that would help the visually impaired learn to walk in a straight line and a handheld distance finding device that would help the visually impaired navigate the world without the use of a cane. He is currently working on a project relating to autonomous vehicles.

Bryan has many ideas for future products that he feels have the potential to be highly marketable. Because of this, he is very interested in encouraging a mindset of innovation and entrepreneurship at George Fox University. He wants to provide future students with the opportunity to share their creativity with the world. 

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