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Brie Thompson is a University Innovation Fellow and is a Business Administration Major at Morgan State University (MSU). She is currently a senior and will be graduating in May 2017. She is originally from Baltimore County, but also grew up in Frederick County, MD. Brie is involved on campus in extracurricular activities. Aside from University Innovation Fellows, she serves as the President of the American Marketing Association (AMA) which is a national organization focusing on connecting marketing professionals and providing resources to them. She is also in her school's Graves's Honors Program, which is an honors business program that allows students to gain hands-on experience with business corporate partners.

During a student organization fair that Brie had attended in hopes of spreading the word about her marketing club, she decided to browse amongst the other organizations. She came across the University Innovation Fellows table, and was instantly curious. It was then that she asked on of the Fellows manning the table about the program and the benefits. After hearing all of the wonderful improvements these students were making on their campus, she was excited to get involved and signed up immediately. 

Brie joined Innovation Fellows to put her creativity to good use as well as to network with a diverse group of students nationwide. She genuinely loves helping and mentoring people. She has always been an advocate for teaching people how to help themselves; this way she can ensure they will be independent and eventually be able to provide for themselves. Brie also loves children and hopes to one day in the near future open her own daycare, where she can apply this philosophy to the next generations to come. Two of her favorite quotes are "The most powerful thing we have in life is choice" and "No pressure, no diamonds". These remind her that she can always make a difference, and leaving her comfort zone can have great reward. 

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