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Over the past few years I have had a growing passion for E-sports (Electronic Sports/Professional Video Games). I worked on a few different website start-ups which I have learned a lots of do's and do not's from those experiences. Recently I was given the opportunity to pitch an E-sports business concept at the Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization National Elevator Pitch which I got lots of positive feedback.

The past six months I have had the pleasure to be interning for Bunkhouse Joe Coffee where I organize events and attend. These events I would be providing our customers with a story about Bunkhouse Joe Coffee and answering questions pertaining to how our roast was different than any of our competitors. I was dedicated to providing Bunkhouse Joe Coffee with new tools that their new business had not yet explored. I guided them through their expansion for the winter season which involved a new roaster, new packaging, and a new line of product.

As Vice President of our League of Legends(LoL) Club on campus I saw myself deriving new ways to promote socializing among gamers.  Recently I pitched a project research and idea to our schools Elevator pitch competition and won. This business was for a gaming lounge.  For a community on our campus with over 100 found and connected gamer's, I saw the ability to bring more and more of them together as a challenge.  I currently am developing a plan of action with a few others to construct a gaming lounge to bring gaming communities together 

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