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Ayana Tamura
School (Cohort)
Tohoku University (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Educational Psychology

Ayana Tamura is a senior student at Tohoku University in Japan. She studies Educational Psychology in clinical psychology lab. She is interested in psychology in the fields of education, such as student motivation, attitude of learning and career counseling. She experienced COVID-19 just when she entered university. The lethargy she felt at that moment made her aware of her passive attitude. When She was a junior, she came across a sentence, "What can change a life is not reactions but actions” by a writer. He also said that true life begins when you start asking yourself, "How can I entertain others?” What action did she take? 1. Start working as peer supporter called SLA, planning and organizing events, philosophy cafes, events to interact with international students at museums and so on. 2. Study abroad in Spain and Korea. 3. Participant in many events. She learned from entrepreneurs who are working to develop the community. From these background and experiences, She wants to encourage people to believe “I’m the main character in my life” and act in any situation. She am interested in the field of the arts, visiting museums, taking pictures, and reading books and training, because they provide her with opportunities to think deeply, expand her horizons and came up with ideas. She connects her interests one after another. Trip in Spain, Antonio Gaudi, reading book for him. His belief in "create things that make people happy" and his bottom-up work style of actively adopting the ideas of his craftsmen influenced her. Action brings enrich life. ー“Gentlemen, let us make this even better tomorrow” Thank you for reading!


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