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Atsushi Aoyama
School (Cohort)
Tohoku University (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Applied Chemistry
Sendai, Japan


Atsushi was born in Kansai. Kansai is famous for its talking culture. People in Kansai often talk to strangers, although Japanese culture is shyer than other countries’. His family are typical people in Kansai, and communicate at a good tempo when his relatives gather in one place. His talking skill in Japanese takes the lead among his friends. He uses this skill to connect skillful persons to one another. The Consulting club is one of the results from his connecting power. Starting from chatting in a little meeting, in a week, he gathered other 10 members. One member has certified bookkeeping and another member was a finalist of a business plan contest held by Tohoku University. Unifying skillful people is not easy because each member has a strong idea supported by each experiment and knowledge. However, he can do it. He always listens carefully to all ideas and makes original ideas using them. Making ideas reflect members' ideas provokes a contribution feeling. He makes and uses their positive mind effectively with his talking skill.

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