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Aritra Chakrabarty
School (Cohort)
Michigan Technological University (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Environment and Energy Policy
United States


Aritra Chakrabarty is a PhD student at Michigan Technological University (MTU) in the Environment and Energy Policy (EEP) program. Aritra's research focuses on social sustainability of renewable energy in the Global South, and his work is based on Gender and Energy Transitions.

Design thinking & Research

As a public policy researcher, my research is situated in energy and environment policies. My work is based on the integration of gender, energy and development. It focuses on energy policy at community scale and Just energy transition in the Global South. My expertise lies in the renewable energy sector, specifically research and analysis, project management, and program design. My research and work experience has been shaped by design thinking that exists as local knowledge in communities. My work took me to remote communities and interactions, consultations with them shaped my work outcomes because they had a design of their material life which is important for functioning. Design thinking, and ultimately design impacts our daily lives more than we can imagine. It is only natural that we do it consciously.


Steering Committee member at International Public Policy Association (IPPA):

As an IPPA member, I organise research panels, workshops and actively participate in IPPA activities to give a voice to public policy research scholars of the Global South and put forth and equitable representation of such work in policy scholarship.

Coordinator of Sustainability Group at Institute of New Economic Thinking (INET):

I'm the coordinator for the South Asia region in the Sustainability Working Group. Our group is responsible for undertaking workshops, organizing plenary sessions, and driving forward a mandate that is based on sustainability principles, and focused on sustainability studies. Academic Publications: Chakrabarty Aritra (2023). Feminizing Decentralized Renewable Energy Programs: A Study of a Community Renewable Energy Project from India. Journal of Asian Energy Studies, Vol 7:107–120.

  • Chakrabarty Aritra (2023). Power in Policy Making: Origin and Influence. The International Journal of Sustainability Policy and Practice, Vol 19 (1): 29 – 44.
  • Wellstead, Adam, Howlett, Michael, & Chakrabarty Aritra. (2022). What is co-creation and how does it create public value? International Review of Public Administration, Vol 27 (4):1- 14.
  • Chakrabarty, Aritra, Sharma, Rohit, Kumar, Praveen, Venkateswaran, Jayendran, Solanki, Chetan. (2020). Barriers and enablers impacting durability of solar street lighting systems in rural India. In M. J. Acosta (Ed), Advances in Energy Research, Nova Science. Vol 33: 191 – 202.
  • Chakrabarty, Aritra, & Solanki, Chetan. (2018). How institutions create value for the rural marginalized person: A comparative analysis. Paper presentation at the 4th International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD)
  • Chakrabarty, Aritra & Sharma, Varun. (2018). Factors Affecting Financial Inclusion of Female Sex Workers: A Study of Andhra Pradesh, India, Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), Vol 53 (44).
  • Chakrabarty, Aritra. (2016). Data Ecosystems for Sustainable Development: The Africa Data Revolution Report 2016', Current Affairs, eSocialSciences

Social media profiles

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aritra-chakrabarty-293aa435/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/aritrabutan Instagram: https://instagram.com/padatik?utm_source=qr&igshid=ZDc40DBmNjlmNQ%3D%3D

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