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Andrew Stroud attends Ohio University (OU) as an undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engineering. He was drawn to the Russ College of Engineering by its slogan, “Create for Good”. To carry out this slogan in his career, Stroud is also pursuing an Entrepreneurship Certificate through the Center for Entrepreneurship at OU. Stroud has worked towards merging entrepreneurship and engineering by his involvement in student initiatives, organizations, and research.


Stroud strives to maintain a diverse education by being involved in different facets of the university. Early on in his college career Stroud joined Ohio University Entrepreneurs and got involved in a student-led initiative dubbed "CoLab". This initiative, started by previous OU University Innovation Fellows, aimed to create a physical spot focused on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. From the Spring of 2016 to the Spring of 2018 the student team worked to complete fundraising (total of 1 million dollars), and design the interior of the space. CoLab opened in the Fall of 2018 and Stroud is heavily involved in ensuring the mission and vision of the space are carried out. He finds it critical for CoLab to retain student input as the space was built by students for students. On the other hand, Stroud has held multiple undergraduate research positions throughout his college career. He has held two sponsored research positions, one with the College of Electrical Engineering working with LED phosphor coatings and the other with the College of Mechanical Engineering studying ultra-conductive copper. Stroud hopes to combine his research and entrepreneurial experience to push cutting-edge solutions to the marketplace and create change. 


Creating sustainable solutions that better the overall quality of life is in Stroud's scope for the future. His love of nature developed as he obtained the rank of Eagle Scout, and this passion pushes him to develop energy-efficient technology and implement renewable energy solutions. His additional interests include creating music and recreational outdoor activities. Stroud is an individual that wishes to combine the fields of engineering and entrepreneurship to create a more sustainable future.  


  • Cell - 614.949.1003
  • Email - as067114@ohio.edu

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