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                        Akshaya Mudar is currently a third year undergraduate student in the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering in Srinivasa Ramanujan Institute Of Technology, Anantapur ,India . She has been enriching her knowledge since the commencement of the course  . She is an active participant in various workshops conducted by various prestigious institutions and Universities in and out of Andhra Pradesh . She was also a part of workshop conducted at INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE , Bangalore. She is conscious and learns things logically.She is an INTERNSHALA STUDENT PARTNER.She recently organised WORLD YOUTH SKILLS DAY.Pesently she is a campus ambassedor for  ECELL IIT BOMBAY.
                      Apart from these, She is very much enthusiastic about the entrepreneurship programs. She believes in user oriented thinking and digging deeper to find the real problem. She has manegerial skills.She usually thinks out of box. She started paving a path towards getting admission in Master of Business Administration at IIM(Indian Institute of Management), as she wants to become a successful entrepreneur. She is very adaptable. Through UIF, being a fellow she wants to drive the education system into a better path. She dreams that awants to witness the India be called as the Developed nation.On the other side, She is known as SINGER and  completed her certification in singing .

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