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Spring 2017 cohort


Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engineering College (VRSEC) Vijayawada was established in 1977 as the first private self financing engineering college in the state of united Andhra Pradesh. At present the college is offering seven UG programs with an intake of 1140, Nine PG programs in addition to MBA and MCA Courses making the total intake 1458.It has the Conferment of Autonomous Status by University Grants Commission in 2006, and extended up to 2012-18,  one of the foremost institution in the region to be conferred Autonomous.

It was Accredited by NAAC with A grade  for a period of five years  with a CGPA of 3.17 on four point scale effective from 25-10-2013 and with NBA Accreditation status to all UG programmes since 1998.

The graduate and undergraduate programs  integrate classroom education with best business practices, technology, and real-world experience. Furthermore, the college aspires to combine the best qualities of teaching and research to actively engage students, faculty and staff to work in close collaboration to expand knowledge.



Student Entrepreneurship

The college has many resources,tools available on campus that act as catalyst to improve Innovation and Entrepreneurship among students of different branches. We can always find the encouragement towards innovation in the campus. If the student is coming up with a great idea and if he/she has the ability to achieve what they thought then campus would definitely provide fund for their research and development. We get funding for research and development from #Internal Funding by Academy - Annually Rs. 5.0 lakhs is allocated. #Funding by alumni - Rs. 10 lakhs is available annually under this head #Funding by outside agencies - DRDO, ISRO, DST, AICTE, UGC give grants based on the projects submitted. Currently about 1.25 Cr worth projects are under process. Every Department has created R&D centres for perusing research and development which are operational actively.

If a student starts research and development then definitely he/she is the coming up entrepreneur in future because practical knowledge always shows the person different from all others. V R Siddhartha Engineering encourages students to become entrepreneurs. Recently one of friend in our class has started a start-up which is complete apart from academics our department and our college has encouraged him to become an entrepreneur.  To nurture the entrepreneurial,creative and innovation skills of the students ,various workshops,competitions,technical fests,talks,different clubs,incubation centers have been setup where students get inspired to become a social entrepreneur 

Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  To encourage Faculty to undertake research activities and commercialize their research into an innovation or entrepreneurial activity, various research centres have been established in various branches of VRSEC. The research centres that are aimed at improving innovation among thefaculty has following benefits :

* To enhance the awareness about research and innovation amongst the faculty as well as students through events like workshops, symposia and guest lectures on research methodology , innovation, patents etc.

*To encourage faculty member to get involved in R&D activities and further commercialize their ideas into a startup venture.

* To encourage/facilitate the faculty as well as students to publish papers in leading journals/ conferences.

* To create awareness and encourage/facilitate faculty as well as students to apply and work on funded research projects sponsored by IETE,APSSDC,INDIAN GOVERNMENT etc.The funding helps the Faculty to undertake their research and further commercialize it in association with the companies that have funded the project or partnership with other organizations

* To encourage/ facilitate the faculty as well as students to work on Industry based live projects that will help them to tie up with the concerned industry and develop entrepreneurial mindset with such projects.


University Technology Transfer Function

 The college thought that it would be beneficial if the corporate ethos is understood in order that the curriculum can be planned in such a manner that the products would be industry ready.So the college has close tie ups with TCS, Tech Mahindra, IBM, Oracle and many more. IBM and Oracle established some labs in the college that makes the students to get industry experience. Currently the transfer policy is on paper which may be implemented within a year.

The university technology transfer function has been further advanced through a partnership with Cisco netwroking academy this year.

University - Industry Collaboration


The  Entrepreneurship and Development Cell(EDC) of our college is the Cell to promote the  close interaction on Innovation and entrepreneurship, here some of the Industrial trainings are also offered with some interaction meets. Nearly  41  MoUs with industry partners. Relevant curriculum offered with the support of industry, MOU between Department of Civil Engineering, VRSEC &  Andhra Pradesh Medical Services and Infrastructure Development in presence of Honourable Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, AP Govt. and Sri K.Srinivas, Minister for Health and Medical Education, AP. The students also form consulting teams and work like apprentices, closely supervised by a select group of experienced faculty experts.

The Alumni of the college have been making their strong presence felt at a host of high rated organizations like NASA, Caterpiller, IBM, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Accenture, Polaris etc.In addition to displaying their acumen in their chosen fields of activity, VRSEC old Students Association, a Regd. Society, has donated Rs. 1 crore towards awarding Siddhartha Sahaya Scholarships to the needy and deserving students. The said Scholarships have been granted in association with Siddhartha Academy.

Regional and Local Economic Development

The Alumni of VRSEC and Siddhartha Academy of General & Technical Education, Vijayawada are providing scholarships to the academically bright and needy students of VRSEC.The grants in the form of R&D projects awarded by the UGC, AICTE, DST, ISRO, DRDO amount to Rs. Rs.260.21 lakhs during the last 4 Years.Renowned DST Sponsored TIFAC – CORE project in Telematics, first private engineering college in the state to secure TIFAC.The goal is promote financial literacy amongst high school students


  • ·         Rs 2.67 Crores of research grant from National funding agencies in last four years.
  • ·         Award of TIFAC-CORE in Telematics by DST in 2009.
  • ·         85 research publications in refereed journals and 104 in conferences in last 3 years.
  • ·         IRG of about Rs 5.0 Crores from consultancy in last 4 years.
  • ·         61 of faculty members are pursuing PhD using in house resources.
  • ·         6 of faculty with R & D expertise acquired in the college have become prominent entrepreneurs in the country examples being (MIC              Electronics Ltd., Efftronics (P) Ltd., etc. ).
  • ·         4th Rank as a Technology Hub at National level awarded by "Electronics for You" Magazine in 2010. 

Landscape Canvas

Spring 2018 Cohort

Skill Development labs

The college has set up a new offering from the Siemens company which is very beneficial to the students. It is provides 15 courses in various domains like electrical, electronics, mechanical, civil and instrumentation. The main objective of the offering is to implement a structured solution to up skill the workforce in the state of Andrapradesh and to increase employability and promote entrepreneurship in sink with industrial growth of the state. This mission will be done in a mode whose target is to skill 3 lakh people by meeting skill human power demands of all machines and shape Andrapradesh as the skilled work force and knowledge hub for the world. VRSEC is incorporated as skill development center which is among 299 centers that promotes skill development and entrepreneurship for the students. The program has successfully trained about 2000 fellows in year duration since from the date of commencement. The courses involved includes

Name of laboratory


Electrical and Energy studies lab


Lift Installation and Maintenance lab


CNC Machine lab


Robotics lab


Automobile Body Painting lab


Automobile Body repair lab


Test and optimization workshop


Product Design and Validation lab


Advanced Manufacturing lab


NC programming lab


Rapid Prototyping lab


Tests and Optimization lab


Mechatronics lab


Process instrumentation lab


Automatation lab

 Further information regarding course is available at



Recently, the entrepreneurship club or E-Club was inaguarated amidst a lot of enthusiasam and aspiration. It looks to provide a platform for free exchange of ideas, and provide resources and opportunities to nurture ideas.It is still in infancy stage but the optimism surrounding its inception, gives every ideator confidence that their dream can be a reality someday! In addition to providing necessary guidance to budding entrepreneurs through exhaustive workshops about every aspect surrounding startups, the club is aiming to herald a new innovation wave within the college by encouraging everyone to come up with something new! The club is regularly conducting meet ups where you can discuss problems, come up with solutions and maybe even go on to implement them. They are partnering with top institutions in the country like IIT Bombay which are already famous for their strides in innovation.


Every year, different branches of VRSEC conducts faculty training programs to train their teaching, technical, innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

Inorder to improve the scope for innovation and entrepreneurship, the college has come up with research strategies in arenas which have scope for the establishment of successful ventures.In the beginning faculty research on the topic and if the prospects seem promising, students are involved and further steps are taken to shape a endeavour that will address the problem researched. Some of the key areas being researched currently are :

  1. An IOT based smart mobile health monitoring systemc
  2. Tag identification for vehicles by using connected components based segmentation and template matching based recognition
  3. College Activity Management System
  4. Water quality management system through IOT
  5. Biometric system on face recognition


Industry partnerships are the key to bridge the gap between learning and implementing. VR Siddhartha has thus made industry partnerships a very important mission. We are partnering with reputed industries like Amazon, Microsoft,Siemens, UTL technologies to help students get first hand experience of real time working. Internships have been made compulsory in the latest curriculum and our training and placement department has left no stone unturned in helping students landing next level internship opportunites. We also have partnerships with software giants like Cyient, to help all our students get a taste of the software culture and decide for themselves whether they enjoy it or not.

Our college also arranged a week long faculty development program with Salesforce which stressed on the essentials for business specialists. This training aimed to equip professors with the business skills required to enhance profits of a startup venture. They will further impart this training to budding entrepreneurs in our college.

 Landscape Canvas : FALL 2018

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