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Viswanath Bodapati Profile Picture.jpeg
Viswanath Bodapati
School (Cohort)
V R Siddhartha Engineering College (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Information Technology


Email: viswanathbodapati@gmail.com

Phone: +91 7801084289

Hey there 👋,

Viswanath Bodapati currently pursuing a bachelor's in Information Technology at VR Siddhartha. Second-year IT student, future DevOps Engineer. His passion for building and developing technology brought him to the Institute of Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engineering College, where he is currently working on an FND project using python in Data Science. Last semester he completed the Google cloud program, which covers Computing, Application Development, Big Data & Machine Learning.

He now volunteers as an NSS Candidate and took part in many camps organized in his college. He also represents himself as a Secretary for the CSI club. He works as a team and organizes a few events. He is also a CP lead subordinate of the CodeChef Student Chapter, as part of CodeChef. Also, he Volunteered as an Academic support volunteer In Make A Difference Platform based on Economic Empowerment.

As an Under Graduate Student, the most valuable lesson he learned from VRSEC has been the importance of analyzing before moving into a different problem. Even though he knew that he wanted to be a graphic designer, he enjoyed getting back to the basics of programming. His classes in Data Structures and Algorithm Designs have provided him with great insights for a future career in DevOps.

This year he mastered Python, c/c++, and HTML. He continues to build skills in CSS and Javascript. Next year, he seeks to complete a Cloud-based internship that will provide real-life experience and important technological skills.

He is skilled in CPP/C, HTML, and Python. He worked on a few projects based on data science and front-end development using the latest web technologies. He is also skilled in developing customer service-oriented applications. In the past, he worked on projects utilizing Pyttsx3, pyautogui, and smtplib. In addition, he has extensive experience with production support. In addition to his skills in coding, he is skilled in conducting technical analysis and assisting members in project management. In the past, his ideas were based on projects in mining, manufacturing, and education.


  • Participating in academic-based extracurricular activities like quizzes, debates, etc.
  • Participating in a poster presentation titled Artificial Intelligence and its tools held at Siddhartha Academy.
  • His team placed 1st in the Junior college Football tournament.
  • Secured 1st in the coding competition organized by TechGIG in association with Google.
  • Completed Hackerrank Python Certification Beginner level.

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