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Spring 2017 Cohort:




  1. Ideators club enhances the interaction among seniors and juniors with creative thinking abilities of them. It aims at bringing out the entrepreneurial skills of a student. In order to make I&E more effective, introduction of a course that focuses on innovation, is essential.
  2. Making students to design and implement innovative ideas
  3. Fun with learning
  4. Allotting faculty for guidance
  5. As a part of course, various activities related to innovation, few workshops need to be implemented.
  6. To make learning more interesting, students should be given more opportunities to share their ideas and knowledge.
  7. It takes almost 3 to 4 months to complete the projects.
  8. Students must form into groups of 4(maximum of 2 from each department) and select a mentor of their choice from each department. This makes the project inter-disciplinary.
  9. In a week’s time, students start working out on their projects.
  10. In order to make sure their projects are going on as per schedule, they have to send their progress monthly to faculty whom they opted as their mentor
  11. If anyone wants to add extensions to their project and need financial support, they get ‘seed money’ of about $1600
  12. They have to wait for one month to get the requested seed money K. Chokkanathan, I&E cell coordinator takes care of these. This request process is done in the month of March.


  1. This could possibly be a program of classes that will take place during both the student's second and third year in order to make sure that the student is ready to tackle the final projects before graduating and heading out into the workforce.
  2. Getting updated with latest technologies
  3. Encouraging students for active participation
  4. Maximum of  200 students shall be taken in for the club during the semester. Every semester this club offers new registrations
  5. Since there are students from different branches, we planned to have the classes during 3 - 4, where at least students from few branches have a free period.
  6. Conducting guest lectures and weekend classes on latest technologies


Lack of 24×7 availability of Labs

     The main reasons we identified are

  • Security issues of costly equipment in Laboratories
  • Lab in chargers are not available 24×7
  • Salary for lab in charger

 We identified one solution to avail the Laboratories 24×7

  • Automation of Laboratory
  • Making Lab as smart and fully automated.


  • At the entrance of lab,we provide finger-based authentication for registered students.Only registered students can enter into the Lab
  • We can continuously monitoring the students using surveillance cameras
  • Every equipment  and all cameras are connected to cloud through an electronic circuit
  • If any lab equipment was damaged or any burglar entered, a notification will send to the incharge.
  • We can punish the burglars and intruders by detecting through automation and we can reduce the theftings
  • If any equipment is damaging,a notification is send to in charge
  • Allotting learning dorms for students
  • Providing e-resources for students                                                                                                                                                                          

 Strategy#4: College Radio

GOAL:Each and every news in the campus should be known to each and every student in the campus· Organized by students regardless of branch, year.Students are the anchors in college radio.Students may be available or may not available they may be busy in exams sometimes so that college radio should not be muted.So here is the view what is discussed when students are avaliable and when students are not avaliable.

Anchor Avaliable

Anchor Not Avaliable




Prize Distributions

Advertisements to the sponsor's Company

Current Affairs

Speeches from great leaders


Quotations and Proverbs

Cultural activities

Career Guidance

National and International Conferences

Internship Opportunities 

Fun with Learning Tricks

Sports updates


  •  It will be running during college hours continuously.
  • News regarding Students and faculty are announced in College Radio.
  • In college radio we don’t even miss single news regarding college activities.
  • Entertainment is also part of college radio so many students are attracted towards it.
  • Sponsorship is provided to the college radio by Business Companies because we advertise their company in the college radio
  • Different clubs i.e;for cultural,technical,sports,non technical,innovative clubs must be established. 
  • The students may not get a chance to go somewhere and learn the arts of their interests.So,in order to fulfill their dreams, these clubs will be definitely held.
  • The clubs must be established on the majority basis,the students who show much interest in particular club,that club must be implemented so that the management also does not face any loss
  • The college radio helps students to know the evnts happening in the college
  • It also increases the communication among the branches
  • Students can even get entertainment and relation from their busy schedule through the college radio
  • It is a platform for many students to showcase their talents
  • Radio is all about communication and running a radio show takes commitment and teamwork in order for it to be a success.
  • Our systems are easy enough to use that all students, regardless of age or ability can get involved.
  • This allows students to express their views and build their confidence whether it is discussing important issues or sharing ideas, radio gives  students a confident voice .
  • It’s also a great way to keep staff, student and parents/guardians alike updated with school life.



 Strategy #1-Creating Inter-Disciplinary Activities among Students and Departments

                      1.     A branch representative must be elected and a student governing club must be formed to look at the various activities happening in the college.

                    2.     Every student may not feel comfortable in expressing their views and ideas in front of management,in such case this governing body acts as a bridge between the management and the students.

3.     Creating a group mail to all the students in the college so that the information regarding the events will be passed to everyone.   

Strategy #2-Less Practical Teaching

1.     Projectors: We have this resource called projectors in our college but our main motto is to make use of these projectors efficiently in a productive and effective way.That is, we are seeking to avail this resource called projectors to be fixed in each and every classroom possible so that it helps the students to understand the concepts in a practical way.It enables students for more efficient note-taking such that they can focus more on listening and this can solve the issue of students taking down incorrect or irrelevant notes.This is particularly useful when covering new or complex topics.

2.     Experiments: Frequent experimental work in classrooms enables students to enhance their practical knowledge and to think out of the box.Learning by doing is a kind of thing that allows the students to involve, participate and learn from the resources and activities.

3.     Roofless Teaching: This means that taking students to educational and industrial tours as it helps students to gain information regarding the functioning of the industry.It also provides opportunities to plan, organize and engage in active learning both inside and outside the classroom.

4.     Recording Classes: This kind of activity is very helpful and beneficial especially when students miss the classes due to several reasons.Recorded videos of lectures assist the students to access the missed lectures and understand the next lecture after he/she goes to the class.Viewing recorded material provides more opportunities for interaction during class time.

5.     Awareness of e-library among all students: Availing the resource of e-library helps the students to understand the concepts in a profound way and to learn how to apply the concepts in day to day life



To bring awareness among students to join the clubs in the college we employ multiple strategies.

  • Educating seniors to talk with juniors about various clubs in the college, their motives and objectives.
  • To give extra credits for active members of the clubs.
  • To give prizes and certificates for the winners of the competitions held in the club
  • To conduct Inter-College Competitions
  • To conduct events like Hackathon, Makeathon and even guest lectures from famous personalities.
  • To conduct a 3 day mandatory workshop for each club. So the students of various departments can come to know about the existence, motives, and functions of the clubs
  • To conduct games for relaxation and motivation among students
  • To give funding for innovative projects and start-ups built as the part of the club.
  • Teacher's cooperation plays a crucial role in ensuring that students are aware of the resources that are present and elevating the importance of participation in the activities as much as possible.
  • Alumni giving encouragement to the students and letting them generate novel ideas and assisting them to build new projects that develop the thinking of the students and making them capable to get along with contemporary technologies.


Creating a group mail for college 15 DAYS
Seniors Campaignig about  resources 2 MONTHS
Recording of video classes 3 MONTHS

Strategy #4: To improve the chance of more priority for extra-circular activities.

  1. Different clubs i.e;for cultural,technical,sports,non technical,innovative clubs must be established .
  2. The students may not get a chance to go somewhere and learn the arts of their interests.So, in order to fulfill their dreams, these clubs will be definitely helpful. 
  3. The clubs must be established on the majority basis, the students who show much interest in the particular club, that club must be implemented so that the management also does not face any loss.
  4. Frequent cultural events can be held that is weekly once that improves the spirit among the students and this further helps them to refresh,rejuvenate and increase the opportunities for social interaction and new relationship development.
  5. These extracurricular activities form a platform to find clubs that share similar social or even entertainment interest for socialization.
  6. Interaction with people of different backgrounds helps in development of interpersonal skills of studentsRT




Our college has seen continuous progress when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship. What used to be an alien concept is now of very high priority because the only way forward in today’s world is through innovation. Since there has been a steep increase in the number of innovators in our college we deem it imperative to constitute an innovation coordination committee whose mission will be to provide a channel for innovators to share ideas, challenges and aid them with support in five different key aspects of entrepreneurship. The five units comprising the ICC are:

  1. Students innovators
  2. Research guides
  3. Legal counsel and communication team
  4. Leader and visionary alumni
  5. Finance and business experts

Student innovators

 The student innovators form the crux of the ICC and the entire team has been developed to help them in every way possible. Within ICC, it will be the responsibility of student innovators to actively participate in meetups and help each other in overcoming the challenges. They can share ideas on how to make business model better or some insights into the competition. They will be provided with a platform to share their ideas effectively.


Research guides

Research is key to building a sustainable start up. It isn’t just the idea behind the venture that needs research, but whole lot of other things that are interlinked. There should be ample research on business demand, competition, technological advancements, new software applications and the current trends in the sector.

It is almost impossible for one student innovator to research all these elements effectively and that is where our research guides (college faculty with a knack for innovation) step in and help the students. They also research sectors and give the innovators insights based on the analysis of the information that they have collected. This helps student innovators get a new perspective on their ideas and they can come up with new solutions to challenges after due deliberation and exhaustive talks.

Legal counsel and communication team 

The turning point of any idea into a venture is after the finishing of the entire legal process of registration. Student innovators generally have a very minute idea about the legal procedures and they definitely need help in this aspect. 

We have a law college beside our college which also happens to be a sister college. The students in their final year of law can be a part of the team and help innovators through the legal procedures and inform them about the requirements to be met. 

Additionally, there are students who would want to file patents for their software or application or just a new idea that has high potential. The law students can help innovators in this way too. 

Together they can sail through the process of registration and legal processes entailing it. 

Leader and visionary alumni 

Our principal sir is an indispensable part of our college because he is the only one who can grant the required support from the college's end. Additionally, he can give the students a broader perspective and help innovators hunt for out of the box solutions to their problems 

Also, the alumni can lend a hand in connecting the students to industry. Being a very old college, we boast of prominent alumni and they can help innovators get contacts in the industry by recommending them to the right people and potential funders or clients. They have already been working since a long time and nobody can judge the situation better than them. So, they can give real time constructive feedback to the innovators. 

Finance and business experts 

A profitable, sustainable business model is the link which bridges the gap between a great idea and a successful venture. Hence, we deem it as an indispensable part of the entrepreneurship journey. Students from management and economics can be grouped together into teams and each team can be tagged to one innovator. Roger her they can discuss and come up with a business model which will work wonders for the idea. This will be a win-win situation as both innovators and students will benefit from it. 


In our college, most of us undergraduate students and the one major problem that all under graduation innovators face is funding. We have come up with an idea of a partner bank. Our college conducts all of its transactions through a particular bank and owing to the large amount of inflow and outflow the bank benefits considerably from partnering with our college. Our idea is to exploit the quid pro quo angle of this partnership. We can have an MOU with the bank which facilitates the following: 

1.50-75% funding through loans meant for small scale enterprises for 5 ventures each year. 

2. Low interest rates for the loans provided to innovators.

3. A nodal officer who will serve as the contact point for all the students 

4. Easy and quick approval of loans for ventures recommended by the college. 

In addition to all of this the bank employees can take initiative and conduct seminars to help innovators understand complex concepts like credit limit and GST which are related to banking. This will help them get an idea about accounts, financing and budgeting. 

In addition, the bank can help in constituting a revolving fund which will be sponsored by the alumni of the college. The revolving fund will basically be a corpus fund, through which the alumni review committee can fund ideas which they see potential in. Once the ventures have been established, they can give back the money taken from the fund out of their profits. This money can again be used to fund another idea. 

This is a very pragmatic idea because there is a lot for the bank in this. Apart from additional benefits they also get publicity as the funding bank for all the ventures coming out from our college. 

Although a vague principle, there is a solution for funding students who cannot show any collateral to the bank. The college can step in and act as the guarantee committee in such cases and help facilitate the grant of loans to innovators who have no collateral. 

But this can only be possible after due deliberation with bankers and college administration.



This is probably the simplest of ideas but it can supremely effective, if implemented well. The requirement wall is just a plain wall in a prime spotwithin the campus. To develop any idea, it requires inputs from experts in various fields and it isn’t necessary that student innovators have a grip on all the facets of a particular idea. It is more often than not that they need help of students from other departments or branches. 

But reaching out to students from other branches is practically a tough job owing to that large magnitude of students present in our campus. Instead, the better option will be to post their requestalong with their contact details and a brief description of the work profile. Interested students will contact then and in this way, they can start building a team. A great core team goes a very long way in a startup and the requirement wall can be the first step towards the making of a splendid team. The concept is better understood with the help of an example.

E.g. An innovator majoring in electronics is extremely interested in robotics and wants to design a robot which can act both as a line follower and a drone. He does research on the required circuitry but then isn’t sure about the exact working of a particular IC and is also confused about the physical structure and design of the robot. So, he walks up to the requirement and pastes a post it asking for an electrical engineer and a mechanical engineer with interest in robotics. He also leaves his contact details. An electrical engineer walks up to the requirement wall and sees this request. He is reminded of his classmate who is currently doing an online course in robotics. He takes a picture of the post it and sends it to his friend. His friend is excited about the idea and contacts the innovator. Together, they form a team and work hard over the next few months along with the mechanical engineer who showed after his sir saw the request on the wall and recommended it to him. Finally, they design a working prototype and impress the judges in an innovation fair and receive enough funding to test commercially.

Although in the initial stages it can just be a wall or a notice board, more sophisticated versions can be designed. We can put up digital wireless LED bulletin boards, which will display information at more than one prime spotsin college and also show success stories of associations through the requirement wall.

It isn’t necessary for all students to have a potential idea and to be innovators or entrepreneurs. There are many students who are extremely good in certain areas of subject and a chance to research and work in this area will do wonders to their knowledge and enrich them. This will serve as a learning and working experiencefor them. If all turns out well and the idea is transformed in to a successful team, then these people will have started working long before their fellow students attend interviews for campus placements.


Fall 2022 Cohort:


Strategy #1: Sports Clubs

Importance of Sports:

  1. Sports play a very important role in our life.
  2. They are very crucial for both our physical and mental health.
  3. In order to be in a good state it is always advisable to play sports.

Implementation of this strategy:

  1. Firstly we have to have to buy all the equipment required in order to build a sport body which may take about 2-3 weeks.
  2. Now we have to divide the sessions for all sorts of sports and assign a particular guide to guide the students in the right way.
  3. We have to send notices to all of the branches in the college which would increase the awareness among children and so that they would take up the sport.
  4. We have to make sure that all the students of the college are taking part in the events.
  5. POINT PEOPLE Principal, Physical department sir, Selection sir, Sub-Selection sir

Important Tactics:

  1. We have to put an eye on the events which are being conducted in other colleges in order to inculcate competitiveness in students.
  2. We have to take in the considerations of the students regarding what kind of sports need to be inculcated.
  3. We have to spread awareness among the people regarding the benefits of playing sports.

Strategy#2: Creating a workspace to solve the problems in the society with the best solution.

Importance of Clubs:

Clubs help students from various branches to interact with each other. Like-minded people can get a chance to gather at a place and share their ideas. Through clubs we get the chance to meet and share their ideas so that they can implement them together.

Implementation of this strategy:

  1. Training the students to identify the problems in the society and communicating with the people and also gain the knowledge of the agile methodologies.
  2. Create a manifesto/Document and estimate a budget required for setting up the club and the details for the fund to be given by the university.
  3. Spreading the news about the student club and promoting interested students to join the club and help the cause.
  4. Explicate the rules and regulations of the club and clarify all the doubts of the students and motivate them to move forward and develop the community.

Important Tactics:

  1. Noting down the key aspects by observing the other institutions.
  2. Asking the people about their needs and considering their responses.
  3. Advertising about the benefits of the club and making them understand.

Strategy#3:Interaction between different colleges in order to share resources for Research and Project ideas.

Importance of Sharing resources:

Sharing resources means that while doing research or doing a project some colleges may not have all the required equipment. So at times like these if we have the access to colleges/Universities which have those kind of equipment we can use them and in the same way we can share ours to them. In this way we also get to more about our projects/Research since we get outside exposure also.

Implementation of this strategy:

  1. Conducting inter-college fests helps students to interact with other college students.
  2. Inviting guest lecturers so that they get to know facilities provided by our college and we get to know theirs.
  3. Organizing various events in our colleges and inviting others so that we get the chance to work with them.
  4. Sending our students to various colleges so that they get to know that environment.
  5. Point people: College Management, Innovation Hub Team, Research and Development Department

Important Tactics:

  1. Advertising about our college facilities and resources provided by our college.
  2. Our college team should know the resources provided by other colleges.
  3. Getting permissions from the managements of respective colleges to work with them or use their equipment.

Strategy#4:Putting up a health Centre in the Campus.

Importance of Health Centre:

Being in good health is always important. Also in universities there are chances we might get hurt so in order to make sure that they are treated properly so it is always important to have a health centre.

Implementation of this strategy:

  1. Setting up a room with all basic facilities.
  2. Providing the nurses and a mini ambulance.
  3. Organizing medical  awareness programs once in a month.
  4. Providing medical kits and 24/7 service providing to hostels.
  5. Point People: University management committee, Faculty, Doctor and Nurse.

Important Tactics:

  1. 24/7 all resources should be available  
  2. A small awareness to nearer areas of the university for any emergency they may contact.
  3. Doctor & Nurse should be available during day & night compulsorily.

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