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Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology (KNIT Sultanpur) is a state government funded, autonomous engineering and applied science institution, affiliated to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University and established in 1976. It is one of the best engineering institute of the country.


Promoting student innovation and entrepreneurship:

In Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship is exchanging the latest academic research, bringing about the new innovative ideas either socially, intellectually, economically or some combination and practical findings.

Incubation & Innovation Centre: KNIT is working on establishing an entrepreneurship centre to engage every student in an interconnected community of innovators.

IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineer): KNIT is a registered IEEE college which helps the student to enhance technology access, literacy and education. Students have access to learn and develop their understanding of information technology and electronics.

KNIT is also connected with some societies of India to augment the process of the strategic partnerships of students and offers a platform to enhance their ideas and talent creating a dynamic commercialization ecosystem. Some of these societies are enumerated below:

ISTE (Indian Society of Technical Education)

CSI (Computer Society of India)

IEI (Institution of Engineers, India)

MEF (Mechanical Engineering Forum)


Encouraging faculty innovation and entrepreneurship:

Faculty Innovation & Entrepreneurship is highly encouraged and supported on KNIT campus. The University provides seed funding for faculty who wish to augment or implement entrepreneurship co-curricular programs.

Faculty Development Programs, seven days programs, provide a platform to the faculty to boost up their interest on research and promote I&E. International Conference also offers an opportunity for the faculty members to interact with the faculty of other institutions to cultivate the I&E resources on our ecosystem.


Actively supporting the University technology transfer function:


Facilitating University-Industry collaboration:

Feasible collaboration exists between university and industry for different disciplines related to research, development and technology. Primarily, graduate students are provided with funds by these collaborations but they do not promote I&E on the campus.


Engaging with regional and local economic development efforts:

KNIT tries to help the local children by providing them free education. This initiative was started by the students and still continues. The main aim is to provide education to every child who is willing to study but cannot afford economically i.e. to eradicate illiteracy. The name of this education hub is “Koshish”.


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