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Elizabeth City State University, founded in 1891, is a Historically Black College University based in Elizabeth City, North Carolina with a student population of 2,054. The University is small quaint institutions that is located in the Albermarle Area, with acces to the U.S. Coast Guard Base in Elizabeth City and Elizabeth City Regional Airport for our CSPI and Aviation students. The campus has 5 dormitories, 7 academic building, and 114 acres used in spreading diverisity and inclusion for our students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Promoting Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Elizabeth City State University offers non-I&E courses imparting the importance of I&E in the context of a larger subject area within the department of Accounting, Sports Management, and Business Administration, the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineer Technology, and the Department of Health and Human Studies. Elizabeth City State University offers Aviation Science to all students, Engineering Technology for Engineering Technology majors, and Biochemistry for Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science majors. Elizabeth City State University has hosted a plethora of TEDx events. The TRIO Student Support Services Program, The University’s Honors Program, and the Division of Student Affairs have hosted events and webinar series featuring well-known TEDx speakers. Elizabeth City State University has had a community outreach series, professional development workshops, and the Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project Series. Elizabeth City State University pushes out marketing and communication strategies through Elizabeth City State University’s newsroom, our International program, and through our very own radio station titled WRVS.

Elizabeth City State University has discussion-based courses that recognize and values creation and risk tolerance in the Graduate programs within the departments of Education, Natural Science, and Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering Technology. Those courses are Applied Biology, Applied Mathematics, and School Administration. The Undergraduate programs have courses that recognize creation and innovation within the Department of Business Administration, Accounting, and Sports Management. Extracurricular clubs and program offerings that encourage innovation and entrepreneurship on campus are the Viking R.A.C.E. Program, which is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion board, the Campus Activities Board, and the 1704 Digital Media Production Club. Programs that promote competitions regarding innovation and entrepreneurship are Elizabeth City State University’s Royal Court, Student Government Association, and the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

Elizabeth City State University offers experimental courses that are hands-on, learn-by-doing, senior design, and apply skills development. The Physics Lab, Organic Chemistry Lab, and Physical Chemistry Lab are courses offered in the Department of Health and Human Studies. Design teams present at Elizabeth City State University in the department of Design and Construction. Internships, co-opportunity, and business plans present on campus are in the department of Social Science, Special Programs, and the Division of Student Affairs.

Encouraging Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship

At Elizabeth City State University, innovation and entrepreneurship are slowly being encouraged in a wide range throughout the institution, no matter the specified major. Elizabeth City State University aspires to have faculty and staff evoke their Entrepreneurial skill set, to give back to students in ways to evoke or build their entrepreneurial skillset. Skills that can transpire great innovators in their respective fields and encourage their creativity.

The school of Education and Business has the first implementation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship well established at the institution, by having a concentration in Business Administration for Management and Entrepreneurship. This bachelor's degree holds courses such as BUAD 322 Entrepreneurship and BUAD 360 Quantitive Methods, which provide undergrads the design thinking space they need in I&E. The school of Science Aviation Health & Technology is a highly funded school that upholds undergraduate programs such as Kinesiology, Avionics, Aviation Management, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and Computer Networking Engineering Technology. All of which encourage I&E in all aspects of thinking, students and faculty work together on hands-on experience during their time at ECSU, the best form of encouragement that can go a long way in the way our professors in the School of Science Aviation HElath & Technology are influential in their entrepreneurial skillset.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to participate and insight in their creativity when teaching these courses as well as expand their knowledge by giving it back to their respective students while being on campus. Elizabeth City State University hopes in nurturing innovators by hosting creative thinking workshops which are held by the Career Development Department, the University Honors Program, Student Government Affairs, and TRIO Student Support Services Program with the aid of faculty involvement and influence. I&E is a topic that ECSU is working hard to nurture in our campus, with the help of our Chancellor, faculty, and staff influential changes can transpire with our leaders opening doors for the students at Elizabeth City State University.

Elizabeth City State University's Aviation Program

Actively Supporting the University Technology Transfer Function

Elizabeth City State University incubators, venture accelerators, and startup venture spaces on campus. Elizabeth City State University offers a pipeline for plant sciences research fellowship in the Department of Natural Sciences. The department of Business Administration, Accounting, and Sports Management offer a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. The department of Special Programs offers Comprehensive Academic Scaffolding to Enhance Retention of minority STEM students. Elizabeth City State University has seed funding sources for the Office of Sponsored Programs, Natural Sciences, and Special Programs. Grants Goy for Sponsored Programs, ECSU Minority Access to Research Careers for the Natural Sciences department, and Student Support Services for the Special Programs. The tech transfer office at Elizabeth City State University offers courses like Into to Technology, Instructional Methods in Leadership, and Geo and Data Analysis. Intro to Technology and Geo and Data Analysis can be found in the department of Computer Science, Engineering Technology, and Mathematics. Instructional Methods in Leadership can be found in the Department of Education. Grant writings and venture assistance has been made for the Office of Sponsored Programs. The Code of Federal Regulation, Federal Acquisition Regulation, and National Science Foundation have aided in grant writings and venture assistance.

Facilitating University-Industry Collaboration

Elizabeth City State University has technology, industrial parks, manufacturing, and or wet lab spaces on campus. Elizabeth City State University has an Industrial Technology program and a National Society of Black Engineers. Both programs can be located in the Department of Computer Science, Engineering Technology, and Mathematics. Regional Sources of capital located in the Office of Sponsored Programs include funds from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the Post-Award Non-Financial Administration fund. Mentorships, Advisory, and Business Networks are present in the department of Business Administration, Accounting, and Sports Management, Special Programs, and Student Affairs. The College Summer Intern Program with GEICO is with the Department of Business Administration, Accounting, and Sports Management. The Emerging Leaders Program is the department of Special Programs. The Sister 2 Sister Mentorship Program is offered by the department of Student Affairs.

Engaging with Regional and Economic Development Efforts

Elizabeth City State University offers an Industrial Technology Program that was established in the Fall of 2009 Semester, its a program offered to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology, Industrial Technology, and Aviation Science fields. It was established to promote the goals that the technology department had for innovators thinker switch relly transpires with the I&E goals for a creative campus.

Another form that Elizabeth City State University sets a responsibility to leverage the research and development for a positive local economic benefit for the students, is through Emerging Leaders Program, Sister 2 Sister, and College Summer Intern Program. The innovative ideas that entrepreneurial skills bring to students in their respective fields could be nurtured and engaging to participate in.

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