Fellow:Kenae Turner (Elizabeth City State University, 2022)

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Kenae Profile Picture.jpg
Kenae Turner
School (Cohort)
Elizabeth City State University (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Birth Through Kindergarten Education
United States of America


Kenae Ania Turner is a twenty-one-year-old junior attending Elizabeth City State University. She was born in April of 2001 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. While she was born in Virginia, she and her family relocated to Elizabeth City, North Carolina, where she was raised. She is currently majoring in Birth Through Kindergarten Education with a Teacher Education concentration. Prior to college, Kenae obtained her GED at the age of 16 and soon after traveled alone to Shenzhen, China, to teach English. As a result, she obtained an adoration for traveling. She also acquired a passion and fondness for teaching, which is why she intends to move to Seoul, South Korea, and teach English to kindergarteners after she graduates. Throughout her college years thus far, she has made various accomplishments. Kenae is a CIEE alumna, Yonsei University alumna, Gilman scholar, and Renaissance scholar. She has also made it onto the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Chancellor’s List. In her leisurely hours, she enjoys sewing, learning languages, playing video games, traveling, and reading. She is currently studying Korean to become fluent to better understand her future students.


Successfully completed 6-month culture exchange program in Shenzhen China

Completion of the Yonsei International Summer School Program 2022

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