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Strategy 1: Promote Interaction and Networking among students of different colleges affiliated to VTU.

VTU is one of the largest university of our country and has 200+ colleges affiliated to it. Although being one of the largest university, the students of different colleges have very less interaction that results in insufficient exchange of ideas, lack of awareness about the ecosystems of other colleges. As a UIF Leadership Circle, we identified this problem and decided to implement the following course of action that can help students to interact and discuss more about Innovation & Entrepreneurial activities.

  • Conduct I&E competitions, workshops and guest talks in the main campus of VTU.

The competitions, workshops and guest talks organized at Intercollegiate level will attract a large number of students from different colleges to take active participation in the event that will be conducted in the main campus of VTU and hence it will provide an opportunity to students for interacting  with other students that will result in exchange of ideas about new concepts, innovation and entrepreneurship etc.

Course of action: The competitions, workshops and guest talks will be conducted twice in a semester where students from all the colleges of VTU will be invited.

  • Student Exchange Programs.

The main aim of conducting this type of program is to promote exchange of ideas about the ecosystem of other colleges so that the students will have a better idea about the resources available in other colleges and could be implemented in their college campus as well. Such programs will help students to understand their strengths and weaknesses and scope for improvement.

Course of action: The student exchange programs will be initially conducted in each region ( Belgaum, Gulbarga, Mysore and Bangalore region) during one semester and an annual function will be held in the main campus during the next semester.

  • Establishing a Common Student Council Body to address the difficulties of all the colleges of VTU

In order to understand the ecosystems of all the colleges under VTU, a common Student Council Body will be established with a student representative from each college followed by a regional student coordinator and main student coordinator for the entire campus of VTU. The students will interact on various topics and discuss about the implementation of various ideas.

Course of action: The student council body will be established soon on campus.The student council meeting will be conducted once in a month though online video conferencing and an annual meet will be conducted at the end of semester.

Strategy 2: Creating Awareness about the resources available on campus that can be utilized to develop creative, innovative and entrepreneurial mindset among students.

VTU has a wide variety of resources available on campus that can nurture the I&E culture among the students. However, many students are not aware about all the facilities and resources available due to which there are very less entrepreneurs coming out of the University every year. As a UIF Leadership circle for our campus, we would like to conduct awareness programs for the students and expose them to all the resources available on campus that can help them to improve their skills in the field of interest.

  • Conducting awareness programs in every college of VTU for providing opportunities to students to utilize the resources available on campus.

The resources available on campus needs to be made accessible to each and every student of the University. The students of every college will be exposed to all the resources through awareness programs.

  • Student oriented Webpage linked to the main website of campus for accessing all the resources available on campus.

To implement this a student dedicated webpage will be created where every student will create a personal account and furnish the details about the requirements that are needed to carry out the project or any other activity related to I&E. The students will be provided with necessary resources that are available on campus and in case if they are not available then it will be provided through partner organizations, institutes etc.

  • Orientation program about the University ecosystem to all the freshers and their parents for explaining them the resources and facilities available at the University.

As a fresher who is new to the university, it is important that they are made aware about the resources available on campus so that they can have an opportunity to utilize them right from beginning and stimulate the design thinking principles that will help to nourish their skills.

Strategy 3: To include ENTREPRENEURSHIP as a primary subject for all the students in their engineering/management career at the University.

VTU being a technological university is oriented towards technical subjects in its academic curriculum due to which students are not properly exposed to Innovation & Entrepreneurship concepts. Due to lack of awareness about I&E, students are facing difficulties in establishing a startup or finding it difficult to become a technopreneur despite being passionate about it. As a UIF Leadership Circle of our campus, we would like to introduce the concepts of I&E in the academic curriculum so that students learn about it and develop the entrepreneurial mindset.

  • The students can choose Entrepreneurship & Innovation as a primary subject or as elective during higher semesters.

  • To collaborate with startup companies and other organizations for providing internship opportunities to the students to develop their creative and innovative skills in the field of Entrepreneurship.

  • To tie up with Universities that are offering full time course on Entrepreneurship so that students of VTU can learn the course through online platform and by making use of all the resources provided by the university offering the course.

Strategy 4: To enhance the Aptitude Skills and the Communication Skills in students.

 First aspect to be considered: Communication skills are essential for the successful future career of a student. In today’s competitive world, communication skills in business are the most sought after quality of an educated person. Reading, writing and listening carefully are the three most important communication skills for students. These skills like most of the communication skills sounds too familiar as a result of which we take them for granted.

 Second aspect to be considered: The statistics reveal that 70 percent of world’s recruitment companies use aptitude test as a part of their recruitment procedure. These types of tests often permit potential companies to learn more about candidate’s personality and abilities.

Recruiters will put to use several methods to sort out and do away with persons from the selection procedure. Conventionally, covering letters or CVs are utilized, but firms often get hundreds of job applications for every job vacancy. So, psychological and aptitude tests are cost-effective and simple ways for sorting out candidates to select right individuals. Beforehand preparation is very important, as saying goes ‘practice makes a man perfect’

 As a UIF Leadership circle for our campus, we would like to go about with the steps/projects/activities mentioned below to help achieve the said goals above:

·         Certification Course in English communication.

We would ensure Business English communication skills through Cambridge Certification. Signing of MOU with the Cambridge University would be initiated! Classroom sessions will be provided. All the course material would be provided by the trainers. The college management would look into the cost structure! This would be done throughout the semester (say for about 3-4 months).

·         Provide Training to students to improve their Aptitude skills.

Signing of MOU with third party (say FACE Training) to provide aptitude training facilities to students of pre-final and final year! The course material would be provided by the trainers itself. The management would look into the cost structure! Pre Assessments would be done to know the level of training required on the basis of which the training material would be decided. Post Assessments would help us know the success rate. This would be done throughout the semester (say for about 3-4 months).

·         Conducting mock interview/GD sessions for enhancing the communication skills as well as confidence level of the students so they can face their interviews in a much prepared and better way.

This could be achieved by conducting GD competitions, best interview competitions etc! We would also get connected with some professionals and arrange for sessions wherein they would brief the students about tips and tricks to handle a GD or an interview in a better way!

The cost structure for that would be decided in the course of time. Also we would connect with the already placed students of our campus to come and share their experiences with our students (because an experience coming from a peer group really makes a striking difference).

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